Goodbye - The Good Doctor


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  • Jet SetLife
    Jet SetLife Hari Yang lalu

    she basically assaulted a disabled person

  • soniciano
    soniciano 5 hari yang lalu +2

    O meu Deus 😭

  • Alexandra Yun
    Alexandra Yun 8 hari yang lalu

    Give me know what song is played, please:)

  • Asia Ciucci
    Asia Ciucci 11 hari yang lalu +1

    Who's cutting onions? 🤧😭

  • Lorena do Carmo Jesus
    Lorena do Carmo Jesus 11 hari yang lalu

    Anyone know the music is playing ? *_*

  • Pedro Algusto
    Pedro Algusto 13 hari yang lalu

    I can't stand this serie

  • Margot Dulhoste
    Margot Dulhoste 13 hari yang lalu +1

    I love good doctor 💖

  • Soul
    Soul 15 hari yang lalu

    Amazing ! wonderful moment I am amazed and sad!

  • Chan _101
    Chan _101 17 hari yang lalu +1

    Oh they’re adorable

  • Oring YT
    Oring YT 18 hari yang lalu


  • Yuri Ferreira
    Yuri Ferreira 19 hari yang lalu +2


  • mnmgangster
    mnmgangster 20 hari yang lalu

    The name of the song is called Someone to stay- Vancouver Sleep Clinic
    You’re welcome

  • Moesha Williams
    Moesha Williams 21 hari yang lalu +2

    Do any body realise lea is the only person can touch him

  • Charles Stephens
    Charles Stephens 21 hari yang lalu

    Yah Freddie highmore

  • Didier Bizimana
    Didier Bizimana 22 hari yang lalu

    One of greatest crush in a most unbelievable way which makes it even more beautiful. From the most sensitive heart character that's been imagined

  • Latrice Hart
    Latrice Hart 22 hari yang lalu

    It’s so hard to find a good show nowadays with ACTUALLY GOOD ACTORS that is why this show ROCKS

  • Kimberlinda Molina
    Kimberlinda Molina 22 hari yang lalu


  • Noémie cznv
    Noémie cznv 22 hari yang lalu

    Yas 😍❤

  • Syahiirah Hazimah
    Syahiirah Hazimah 23 hari yang lalu

    It's anyone know what name this song?

  • Vitoria Alcantara
    Vitoria Alcantara 26 hari yang lalu


  • Chloe The Scrappy
    Chloe The Scrappy 27 hari yang lalu

    Omg the kiss scene couldnt be sweeter bc of sinfully cute Shaun aka Freddie♥♥♥

  • The Jay Gaming
    The Jay Gaming 28 hari yang lalu

    Man the Siamese twin hurt as well

  • djinn cdm
    djinn cdm 29 hari yang lalu

    song and artist name please !!

  • Egler Rocha
    Egler Rocha Bulan Yang lalu

    Esperando a 2 temporada. .. o melhor seriado medico que ja vir em toda minha vida 😍

  • Nani A
    Nani A Bulan Yang lalu

    Por que no aparece en Netflix???😭😭😭

  • Alán LoGue
    Alán LoGue Bulan Yang lalu

    VSC LOVE! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Arcaviouse Koay
    Arcaviouse Koay Bulan Yang lalu +2

    "Lea is there"this line is the single best line in the history of TV please let them be together

  • Pearl B
    Pearl B Bulan Yang lalu

    Cause when I think of you, I think you are 😍 *kiss 😉

  • kristhoper luke mcfadden
    kristhoper luke mcfadden Bulan Yang lalu

    BRING HER BACK......

  • Darkb4light 06
    Darkb4light 06 Bulan Yang lalu

    Freddie Highmore must be protected at all costs.

  • steven panduro Ayra
    steven panduro Ayra Bulan Yang lalu

    Por favor temporada 2 :')

  • what is that???
    what is that??? Bulan Yang lalu

    This episode is so emotional it’s killing me, it’s killing me

  • نُجود الغامدي
    نُجود الغامدي Bulan Yang lalu

    Oh 😩💓

  • Ana Esther Gomez Bautista
    Ana Esther Gomez Bautista Bulan Yang lalu

    This is so sad

  • Kah Araujo
    Kah Araujo Bulan Yang lalu

    Muito lindo

  • Lintle
    Lintle Bulan Yang lalu


  • NextoN diGital
    NextoN diGital Bulan Yang lalu

    Where can I get full episode of "The good doctor"?

  • Gabriel Epifanio
    Gabriel Epifanio Bulan Yang lalu

    what is the name of the song is the creator i'm not ach

  • Trinity Wharton
    Trinity Wharton Bulan Yang lalu

    I cried for so long at this point in the episode my heart still hurts everytime I watch it

  • Amanda Dos Santos
    Amanda Dos Santos Bulan Yang lalu

    Como eu queria ser essa atriz kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • David Ronald
    David Ronald Bulan Yang lalu

    what's name music

  • Mark Laurence Mallo
    Mark Laurence Mallo Bulan Yang lalu

    Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s Someone to stay song broke me 😓

  • Cak Yudi Refleksi Dan Gurah Suara Sampit Wahyudi

    Ngak Boleh Meremehkn Orang Lain...Joss Dokter Murfi

  • Cak Yudi Refleksi Dan Gurah Suara Sampit Wahyudi

    Mantab Dokter...Bahwa Kita Meremehkan Orang...Hebat Dokter Murfi

  • Yasmin Vieira
    Yasmin Vieira Bulan Yang lalu

    Ece e o melhor filme de todos

  • Rosimeire Lima Santos
    Rosimeire Lima Santos Bulan Yang lalu

    Que chato ta tudo em inglês..tem algumas em português..que eu assistir.

  • Maria Angelica
    Maria Angelica Bulan Yang lalu

    Mano ele é lindo 💓💓😍

    EZEQUIEL SILVA BR Bulan Yang lalu

    ele meresi ter uma namorada mesmo

  • alvaro toigo
    alvaro toigo Bulan Yang lalu

    Estou rodado aki.🙄

  • Dhjamylla Bieber
    Dhjamylla Bieber Bulan Yang lalu

    Eu amei essa série ❤️😭😭😭😭😭

  • Justine's Angel
    Justine's Angel Bulan Yang lalu

    Why am i looking this again and again 😢😢😢

  • Yuri Clash
    Yuri Clash Bulan Yang lalu

    Shaun reencontra a lea na 2tp será ?

  • Ralph &
    Ralph & Bulan Yang lalu

    Leia melhor pessoa

  • Lucicleide Silva
    Lucicleide Silva Bulan Yang lalu

    Então pouco eu fale logo minha língua

  • Um AMOR de CASAL
    Um AMOR de CASAL Bulan Yang lalu +61

    Oxii todo mundo falando inglês kkk e eu aqui sem entender nadaaa 🙄

  • ahmed essalhi
    ahmed essalhi Bulan Yang lalu

    It's really a good doctor was very very smart!

  • Ink_kid _cali
    Ink_kid _cali Bulan Yang lalu

    This Episode maaaannnnn HIT ME SOO HARD !! lol i hate getting in my feelings bt my nigga Shaun deserves True LOVE

  • Kumpai Tv
    Kumpai Tv 2 bulan yang lalu

    What's this song?

  • FootballEdits10
    FootballEdits10 2 bulan yang lalu

    Final song name

  • roldan gamboa
    roldan gamboa 2 bulan yang lalu

    Can i know whats the title of backround songs?

  • Humility
    Humility 2 bulan yang lalu

    Dating an autistic boy isn’t wrong I am autistic and I am dating an autistic boy he’s super kind and I great human being wish people would understand autism a little bit more

  • cinematicx - Best Kissing Scenes

    its so sad but wonderful

  • Lil Diezgø
    Lil Diezgø 2 bulan yang lalu

    Buenísima serie!😢

  • Jon Rivera
    Jon Rivera 2 bulan yang lalu

    Lea was good for Shaun. Hope they bring her back.

  • Khadijah Abdulwahab
    Khadijah Abdulwahab 2 bulan yang lalu +43

    "I promise. I like Hershey "
    "You've never even been there-"
    "Lea is there"
    My heartu 😍😢😭

  • Shivangi Sharma
    Shivangi Sharma 2 bulan yang lalu +1

    nothing in my life gave me more hope than lea's "remember i said borrow" did! :) hope they meet soon !

  • Moldy Duck Donut
    Moldy Duck Donut 2 bulan yang lalu

    I've watched this episode so many times

  • Raul Lopez
    Raul Lopez 2 bulan yang lalu


  • George Clarison
    George Clarison 2 bulan yang lalu

    This scene is so heart breaking 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • yvngkaneki
    yvngkaneki 3 bulan yang lalu

    666k likes ong

  • luis donoso
    luis donoso 3 bulan yang lalu

    my wife and me need this awesome serie in spanish

  • C.E Nour mohamed
    C.E Nour mohamed 3 bulan yang lalu

    Whats the name of the song they kissed on ??????

  • Joseph Vaiangina
    Joseph Vaiangina 3 bulan yang lalu +7

    Shawn is gonna visit her because he loves her maybe next season, can't wait luv her so much she made me feel better being in the show hope she's still in the show😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Carlos Roberto
    Carlos Roberto 3 bulan yang lalu


  • JS Cubes
    JS Cubes 3 bulan yang lalu

    4:24 is that a qj pyraminx and that megaminx looks like dayan or aohun🤔🤔🤔

  • James L Kid
    James L Kid 3 bulan yang lalu

    Shaun is going to miss her and will think about her everyday; Shaun needs a friend or his mind will consume him.

  • DetectiveObvious
    DetectiveObvious 3 bulan yang lalu +3

    "Are you a good doctor? Because when I think of you, I think you are." I was completely fine, but that right there got me. 😭😭😭

  • crazy girl
    crazy girl 3 bulan yang lalu

    When is season two gonna be out? If it's already available than let me know please

  • odette od
    odette od 4 bulan yang lalu

    j'ai suivie shaun Munphy à la lettre et seule l'humilité peut guérir un patient..J'aime cette série The good doctor sur Canal+

    BDOG_XD156 GAMEPLAY 4 bulan yang lalu

    Why have that not been showing the good doctor

  • Not explicit
    Not explicit 4 bulan yang lalu +5

    segunda temporada por favor

  • Jheyson Fernandez
    Jheyson Fernandez 4 bulan yang lalu

    Publicidad Usil por q no necesito eso Postulare a la UNI Y ME PREPRA MEJOR Q UN TERCIO SUPERIOR

  • Alex Deimon
    Alex Deimon 4 bulan yang lalu

    Que música es?😭💔

  • sary Ocasio
    sary Ocasio 4 bulan yang lalu

    I never watched the season butit made me cry man...

  • Safiah Disyia
    Safiah Disyia 4 bulan yang lalu

    This is so sad 😔 than i know

  • Boogaerts Werner
    Boogaerts Werner 4 bulan yang lalu

    Oelalalalalala een spannend momentje tussen die twee.

  • anonymous
    anonymous 4 bulan yang lalu


  • David Murray
    David Murray 4 bulan yang lalu

    Cant wait for season 2!

  • Hannah Mayo
    Hannah Mayo 4 bulan yang lalu +4

    my heart went WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!! im crying right now!!!

  • Lucas Delhove
    Lucas Delhove 4 bulan yang lalu +7

    Vancouver Sleep Clinic ❤

  • Augustya Sing
    Augustya Sing 4 bulan yang lalu

    ShiLOh dynasTy

  • EmojiCinema
    EmojiCinema 4 bulan yang lalu +3

    "I like Hershey"
    "You've never been to Hershey"
    "Lea's there"
    Gosh, my heart :'(

  • Éva Prin
    Éva Prin 4 bulan yang lalu

    Nagyon jó kis sorozat!

  • Desy Maretta Purba
    Desy Maretta Purba 5 bulan yang lalu


  • Matilde Saraiva Gonçalves
    Matilde Saraiva Gonçalves 5 bulan yang lalu

    Lea needs to come back

  • butterliz876
    butterliz876 5 bulan yang lalu +1

    My favorite show on TV. Each episode is special and It never disappoints me. Love it!

  • Fer Shepherd
    Fer Shepherd 5 bulan yang lalu

    Eso se ve demasiado Grey's Anatomy :v solo con un toque más oscuro ....

  • Mohamed Al-shinnawi
    Mohamed Al-shinnawi 5 bulan yang lalu +1

    I love you😍😍😍😍

  • WendyHC
    WendyHC 5 bulan yang lalu


  • Roj Chu
    Roj Chu 5 bulan yang lalu