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GOT the beat 'Step Back' Stage Video

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 31 Des 2021
  • GOT the beat's 1st single "Step Back" is out!
    Listen and download on your favorite platform: smarturl.it/GOTthebeat_StepBack

    Girls On Top Official

    GOT the beat 'Step Back' Stage Video ℗ SM Entertainment

Komentar • 59 654

  • Zach Magno
    Zach Magno 14 hari yang lalu +9

    It’s crazy! BoA debuted even before Winter was born. She debuted in 2000, and Winter was born 2001😳 Fighting Girls On Top!!!<3

  • z
    z Hari Yang lalu +674

    Wendy never wavered despite vocal nodules during her debut as an idol and a nearly one-year hiatus due to the accident; she was born to be a performer, and I adore her.

  • fansé
    fansé 13 jam yang lalu +256

    Why isn't no one talking about boa's vocals her vocals are everything-

  • John Mervin Teñoso
    John Mervin Teñoso 13 jam yang lalu +175

    Vocal nodules during her debut as an idol and almost 1 year of hiatus because of the accident but Wendy never wavered. She is born to be a performer. I love her.

  • Sandeep Kumar
    Sandeep Kumar 15 jam yang lalu +2

    The one thing about this group is anyone can be main dancer, vocalist, rapper this group is just so perfect

  • Germari Casio
    Germari Casio 13 jam yang lalu +90

    The fact that they highlight the lines for the vocal line like BoA, Taeyeon, and Wendy and Made the Dancers do the frontline dancing. Then letting the rapping line showcase their talent. Waaaahhhhh 💙

    RAEMUSE 21 hari yang lalu +17

    This group is so powerful !!

  • Reveal
    Reveal 15 jam yang lalu +234

    Srsly one of the most powerful groups and then there are the aces. They are just so amazing

  • Bflecher speaking from the heart
    Bflecher speaking from the heart 15 jam yang lalu +975

    Hyoyeon’s fierceness always come out so well on stage. She was born to dance

  • 정현
    정현 Hari Yang lalu +17

    최고의 걸그룹 조합...보아 소녀시대 레드벨벳 에스파까지...와 입이 안벌어지는 실력 최고의 조합...

  • John Mervin Teñoso
    John Mervin Teñoso 13 jam yang lalu +186

    Idk how to explain it but everytime Wendy comes in, she makes everything connected.

  • Taeminnie #weloveyoutaemin
    Taeminnie #weloveyoutaemin 13 jam yang lalu +27

    This group is absolutely brilliant in dance, vocal, rap and visual

  • Nanno
    Nanno 21 hari yang lalu +1

    Taeyeon and Wendy, 2 of the most powerful and best vocalists of K-industry, in one group seems like a dream to me.

  • Nia Hernandez
    Nia Hernandez 18 jam yang lalu +40

    Step back llegó a los 11 millones en Spotify yea ahora vamos por esos 20 millones

  • 🦉ess🦉
    🦉ess🦉 15 jam yang lalu +309


  • +62 CITIZENS
    +62 CITIZENS 15 jam yang lalu +414

    Wendy just slay the whole part that she had! My queen.. indeed

  • minxy gabriella
    minxy gabriella 18 jam yang lalu +88

    Wendy and Taeyeon high notes is on the next level!

  • Taeminnie #weloveyoutaemin
    Taeminnie #weloveyoutaemin 15 jam yang lalu +558

    Wendy and Taeyon’s vocals are unique

  • Bruno Malta
    Bruno Malta 21 hari yang lalu +1

    Taeyeon, Wendy and Winter have INSANE VOICES

  • DC Minjeong
    DC Minjeong Hari Yang lalu +48

    I really like wendy’s part at