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Restoration JAWA Motorcycle - Half Year in 50 Mins | Incredible Full Restoration of Abandoned Moto

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 27 Agu 2022
  • Restoration JAWA Motorcycle - Half Year in 50 Mins
    What's up guys, sorry for long time waiting! We finally done this awesome project. It's was really hard, but the result is very good (and yes - you can check this!). So, let's start to watching! Don't forget to tap subsrcribe button, it's very importable for us, thanks!:)
    (Spoiler on the bottom)
    And yes.. next project is true JAWA motorcycle, with two cylinders:) Thanks for watching us!

Komentar • 5 752

  • @edgardomagana5809

    I super enjoy watching you work. Not just anyone can do what you can, including myself. Wish I had that gift to make junk into art. Hope you and your loved ones are doing good and staying safe. God bless.

  • @voolivre63
    @voolivre63 Jam Yang lalu +1

    Excelente restauração,umas das melhores do IDclips.... parabéns...

  • @psibomkotoky6824
    @psibomkotoky6824 7 jam yang lalu +6

    The best restoration video that I ever watched. Your dedication is tremendous. Big salute to you and your team

  • @zato
    @zato 12 jam yang lalu +4

    Sensacional, parabéns pelo maravilhoso trabalho 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • @pebblesthecat3625
    @pebblesthecat3625 16 jam yang lalu +3

    You have done a marvellous job of repairing and restoring this motorcycle. Your patience and determination to complete this project is only matched by your skills and thoroughness. I really did enjoy watching this old girl be resuscitated and given a new lease of life, and I am especially glad I watched if only to discover the painting technique used on the marbled crimson bodywork. I will use this technique myself on some of my own small projects. Thank you for sharing your skills and knowledge with us.

  • @erenildovieirafreitasvieir5166
    @erenildovieirafreitasvieir5166 28 hari yang lalu +5


  • @stanleycarlock5624

    Beautiful and incredible restoration. Fabulous effects with the paint work. It appears that you did this all by yourself...which makes this even more impressive!

  • @Nikdeniss

    Сколько наслаждения я испытал. Вместо тысячи слов. Это шедевр!

  • @jonathannunes2393
    @jonathannunes2393 14 hari yang lalu +7

    Muito linda essa restauração 😍😍

  • @samuelolivares2884
    @samuelolivares2884 Hari Yang lalu +3

    desde que desperté mi gusto por las motos, siempre ha sido por modelos como éste, aunque sean recientemente fabricadas ese toque antiguo las hace fascinantes, felicito la pasión que demuestras por tu trabajo, gracias por permitirnos soñar...

  • @user-bl9io9vo4i
    @user-bl9io9vo4i 7 jam yang lalu +1

    Огромнейшая проделана работа!!!! Подписка и лайк друг

  • @JosephMelia

    You're not just an excellent mechanic, you're an artist..Absolutely amazing job all round.

  • @ivansilva5916
    @ivansilva5916 14 hari yang lalu +2

    Muito bom 👏👏👏

  • @simulatorgames4965
    @simulatorgames4965 21 hari yang lalu +24

    У меня все время было желание перемотать на конец и посмотреть, что же получилось у ребят. Но я сдержался и посмотрел все полностью. Огромные молодцы ребята. Так держать. Получил неописуемое удовольствие!!!

  • @thanhpham7737

    Your skills of restoration is many times better than a professional motor mechanic. In the end, this abandoned rusty vehicle looks like one that's worth a million dollars and should occupy an honor stand in any museum. Congratulations on a job well done and thanks for sharing.

  • @juniorazevedo8772

    Muito bom,show!👏🏼👍

  • @sergejshapoval5788
    @sergejshapoval5788 9 jam yang lalu +9

    Моё уважение вам ребята.

  • @mariaisabelfaria612

    Ficou maravilhoso, parabéns jovem,belo dom que Deus te deu👍🏍️🏍️🏍️

  • @SuperDubov

    Отличный видос! За съемку и монтаж отдельный респект оператору, механику новых творческих находок... не сбивай в кровь и береги руки!

  • @mpurintun

    Simply amazing what was done to restore this old motorcycle. Excellent job. Super colors were created. I think it turned out better than from the factory.