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  • Ieatpoo
    Ieatpoo 54 menit yang lalu

    I got most of the riddles because I saw all of them before

  • Jessica Pamela Ibarra Luna
    Jessica Pamela Ibarra Luna 2 jam yang lalu

    Hhahahahahaha the heart😂💔

  • Maman Rzack
    Maman Rzack 2 jam yang lalu

    I forget which the one that loves math favorite subject is it ethan

  • Susie
    Susie 3 jam yang lalu

    I got all of the riddles right that they got wrong :) Tho I think their answers were smarter XD

  • gráinne diggin
    gráinne diggin 3 jam yang lalu


  • Sarah :D
    Sarah :D 3 jam yang lalu

    omg legit the only one i got was 'silence' xD

  • Ghainaa AbuZaid
    Ghainaa AbuZaid 4 jam yang lalu +1


  • Sports-girl_2007 Volleyball - Basketball

    Grayson is hotter

  • Azulethewolf 2
    Azulethewolf 2 5 jam yang lalu

    I have Dyslexia and dysgraphia that means I that really like really bad handwriting (the reason I can spell correctly is I use autocorrect and Siri I feel dumb but if I am just texting to my friends they do not care if I spell things wrong so some of my messages don’t make sense :) so yea)

  • GamingWithVanille
    GamingWithVanille 5 jam yang lalu

    Even though Gray won, Ethan is still smarter than me too. 🤔🙃

    ARMANI JOHNSON 6 jam yang lalu

    Is it me or I wanna touch Grayson Dolan hair

  • Acroissa A
    Acroissa A 8 jam yang lalu

    6:33 Yh No shit Sherlock 🤣🤣💙

  • Athence
    Athence 10 jam yang lalu

    We literally took a test at school today which determines our careers and the logic part was quite like that...

  • Felicitas Maria
    Felicitas Maria 11 jam yang lalu

    im loving Ethan insisting with the heart answer

  • crazy michele
    crazy michele 12 jam yang lalu

    I am in 6th grade and this is what we did in 4th or 3rd

  • Lindsay Faust
    Lindsay Faust 12 jam yang lalu

    Why does Ethan losing make him more cute???

  • Dava Lowe
    Dava Lowe 12 jam yang lalu

    22:44 I felt so bad for Ethan.

  • Emma Rogers
    Emma Rogers 12 jam yang lalu

    i DoNt KnOw IvE nEvEr DoNe GeOmEtRy
    Me: OMG😂💀💀💀

  • Dewi Juliyana Alisya
    Dewi Juliyana Alisya 13 jam yang lalu


  • Saira Lin.
    Saira Lin. 13 jam yang lalu

    My sister asked my mom which one of us is smarter and our mom responded neither and we both looked at each other and laughed KSKSJDDK....#mexicanparents 😂😂😂💀💀

  • Asha Neal
    Asha Neal 14 jam yang lalu +1

    I got all of them right.

  • Emma Westfall
    Emma Westfall 14 jam yang lalu

    Grayson called Ethan “stupider” than him. Yup.. English😂

  • Rainbow _ Fierce
    Rainbow _ Fierce 15 jam yang lalu


  • Rainbow _ Fierce
    Rainbow _ Fierce 15 jam yang lalu

    I’m 10 and I answered it correctly other than Ethan 😂😂

  • O I
    O I 15 jam yang lalu +1

    I knew Grayson would win 😂

  • linda
    linda 16 jam yang lalu +1

    this made me feel better after i got a c on a math quiz lol

  • Bella Lenard
    Bella Lenard 16 jam yang lalu

    I did for the number 1

  • feed me bitch
    feed me bitch 16 jam yang lalu

    I wanted them to do a dramatic orgasm

  • kawaii rosey
    kawaii rosey 18 jam yang lalu +1

    I got the egg riddle

  • skorpia g
    skorpia g 19 jam yang lalu +2

    For all those that said "stupider" isnt a word. Bootyliscious made it in the dictionary..jus sayin. Give it time🙃

  • Kailey Pietrzyk
    Kailey Pietrzyk 19 jam yang lalu +2

    Y’all for the what has to be broken before it can be used I said a glow stick

  • Emilia Ruiz
    Emilia Ruiz 19 jam yang lalu

    i think that you guys should stop comparing yourselves and accept that maybe one of you is better in something and the other out stands in something else and that makes you both especial and unique so please stop with who is smarter who is funnier who is etcera. you are both amazing and you should be proud of the way you are despite of who is better or knows more whatever! Love you guys❤️

  • Madison King
    Madison King 20 jam yang lalu +1

    “I may howl” *makes weird noise* shwwwweeewwow

  • Star Wolf
    Star Wolf 20 jam yang lalu +2

    That's outro goals right there 😂😂

  • YessThatsJess
    YessThatsJess 20 jam yang lalu +1

    Grayson is not the smartest cause he said “stupider “that’s not a word

    • Rainbow _ Fierce
      Rainbow _ Fierce 15 jam yang lalu

      It can be either way

    • Rainbow _ Fierce
      Rainbow _ Fierce 15 jam yang lalu

      YessThatsJess Online it said stupider is a comparative adjective. Soooooo

  • Olivia Harries
    Olivia Harries 20 jam yang lalu

    You are all better at different subjects xx

  • Logan ._. Bailey
    Logan ._. Bailey 21 jam yang lalu

    I love how he says he’s stupider then him but stupider isn’t a word lol

  • Linn Haslinger
    Linn Haslinger 21 jam yang lalu

    I was smarter than both of you hihi

  • el amorim
    el amorim 23 jam yang lalu


  • Xx depressionXx
    Xx depressionXx Hari Yang lalu

    I thing its Grayson

  • Masked_ Luna
    Masked_ Luna Hari Yang lalu

    Second Question Should Be 19 I figured it out in 50 seconds and I'm way younger than you

  • noor nindra
    noor nindra Hari Yang lalu +1

    HAHAHAHA I just started watching you guys and you guys are so funny and make my day!! Keep making more videos please!!!

  • rebekah hommel
    rebekah hommel Hari Yang lalu

    your both dum

    • Rainbow _ Fierce
      Rainbow _ Fierce 15 jam yang lalu

      rebekah hommel HAHAHA They’re dumb? First, you didn’t capitalize the first letter in your sentence. Second of all, you spelled dumb wrong. Third of all you didn’t put a period. So who are you calling stupid?

  • Serena Wright
    Serena Wright Hari Yang lalu

    how did you not know it was your because it is your name but people say it

  • Alicyn Saylor
    Alicyn Saylor Hari Yang lalu


  • Alicyn Saylor
    Alicyn Saylor Hari Yang lalu +1

    ethan is way better

  • Lulu Flores
    Lulu Flores Hari Yang lalu +2

    Graysons smile is so cute OMG lol

  • Ashleigh Dumont
    Ashleigh Dumont Hari Yang lalu

    stupider isn't a word...

  • Jaleeia Mason
    Jaleeia Mason Hari Yang lalu

    Better twin is Grayson

  • Southern Adventures
    Southern Adventures Hari Yang lalu +2

    The egg one I definitely thought was glowstick

  • stephanie bonilla
    stephanie bonilla Hari Yang lalu +2

    i said for the brake thing i said a glowstick

  • Bella McCartney
    Bella McCartney Hari Yang lalu +5

    Ethan’s probably dumber because of how many times Gray smacks him in the head haha😂😂

  • Ugli Chicken
    Ugli Chicken Hari Yang lalu

    I got more correct....

  • maebh mac
    maebh mac Hari Yang lalu

    for the break before you use me riddle I thot it was a seal on a cream or something

  • Sophia P
    Sophia P Hari Yang lalu +2

    22:55 - 23:14 THE CUTEST PART EVERRR

  • Nerdy CS
    Nerdy CS Hari Yang lalu

    I (obviously) got more riddles right than both of you combined

  • awesome painter
    awesome painter Hari Yang lalu

    Is Ethan ok?

  • Sarahbadova Badova
    Sarahbadova Badova Hari Yang lalu

    When e was saying ur heart belongs to u but everyone uses it I was actually crying 😢

  • Jade Nikole
    Jade Nikole Hari Yang lalu

    7:40 what about a piggy bank

  • ella marie benedetti
    ella marie benedetti Hari Yang lalu


  • Hala Bukhamsin
    Hala Bukhamsin 2 hari yang lalu

    Grayson was living life when he found that he was smarter look at his face🤣🤣😂

  • Christian ChimChim
    Christian ChimChim 2 hari yang lalu

    For the one where it has to be broken before it can be used...I said a glow stick...surely that’s also right??

  • Camila Jusino
    Camila Jusino 2 hari yang lalu

    When the the other one wins they make the CUTEST faces ever!❤️😍

  • Pheobe Owusu
    Pheobe Owusu 2 hari yang lalu

    They’re both so cute and dumb 🤗

  • Poppy cox
    Poppy cox 2 hari yang lalu

    i am dyslexic gray

  • Katie Smith
    Katie Smith 2 hari yang lalu

    Why is it every video Grayson and Ethan post without the sister squad, people always comment about how much better the video would be with the sister squad like the poor boys the don’t always have to post with Emma and James like yes it’s great and funny but still..

  • Jacqueline Cholula
    Jacqueline Cholula 2 hari yang lalu


  • Jess VB Eventing
    Jess VB Eventing 2 hari yang lalu

    okay but really how did grayson do that puzzle im confused it look like it can't be solved but he did it lol

  • _Poke _
    _Poke _ 2 hari yang lalu +2

    23:08 that smile tho

  • riggy roo
    riggy roo 2 hari yang lalu

    you both are smart, sillies

  • Eden Weenink
    Eden Weenink 2 hari yang lalu

    Your name!

  • Anonymous Elephant
    Anonymous Elephant 2 hari yang lalu

    7:35 I said lightstick that was kind of right?

  • Stephanie Dominguez
    Stephanie Dominguez 2 hari yang lalu

    7:18 I cracked UP!!!

  • Wynter Levi
    Wynter Levi 2 hari yang lalu

    What has to be broken before it can be used? I thought it would be a glow stick.

  • Emily
    Emily 2 hari yang lalu


  • megant11405
    megant11405 2 hari yang lalu +3

    6:46 I thought the answer was a glow stick

  • ItzGlare
    ItzGlare 2 hari yang lalu

    10:12 KNEW IT

  • ItzGlare
    ItzGlare 2 hari yang lalu

    ITS UR NAME ;3

  • Lilian Louche
    Lilian Louche 2 hari yang lalu

    I completed a 20 question IQ test in 6 minutes and 58 seconds
    Also how did you not know it was darkness??!??!

    • Katie Bass
      Katie Bass 18 jam yang lalu

      Bc not everyone is a sweaty try hard that brags about their IQ test in the comments of a youtube video lmao

  • Wissal Kherbache
    Wissal Kherbache 2 hari yang lalu

    Team Ethan or team Grayson?

  • Isabella Batista
    Isabella Batista 2 hari yang lalu

    Am I the only one that was like “stupider isn’t a weird”😂

  • Twinkle Granger
    Twinkle Granger 2 hari yang lalu +1

    I am very smart I’m in the American Gifted Program

    • Gaming Cats
      Gaming Cats Hari Yang lalu

      Idk but to me it feels like you’re bragging, cuz you’re like “I am very smart” well everyone is smart in their own way like the twins’ mom said. But no one ever cares about my opinion so you can just ignore me like everyone else! Have a great day!😊

    • Twinkle Granger
      Twinkle Granger 2 hari yang lalu

      Lol doesn’t put a period

  • hoe hoe sister
    hoe hoe sister 2 hari yang lalu

    16:07 "It kinda looks like a smiely face" 😂😂

  • The Reka 2006
    The Reka 2006 2 hari yang lalu

    Lol I got all the riddles right

  • cutesy girl
    cutesy girl 2 hari yang lalu

    I don't think that's how you find out who's smartest.

  • Sofi Lafon
    Sofi Lafon 2 hari yang lalu

    23:22 my mom when i do something wrong and she gets mad @ me

  • Dharma Cheers
    Dharma Cheers 2 hari yang lalu

    Grayson is smarter so ya 😉

  • Ck Killimett
    Ck Killimett 3 hari yang lalu

    A heart makes sense

  • Ck Killimett
    Ck Killimett 3 hari yang lalu

    I have a twin but I am smarter

  • Arlin Benitez
    Arlin Benitez 3 hari yang lalu

    I just wanted to put this out there so...
    Let's just say that we all learn, yes. But some of us are slow at learning something specific, but others understand something faster which make them a fast person to learn something specific... and again.. No one is stupid nor idiotic

  • Eliana Arnold
    Eliana Arnold 3 hari yang lalu

    Okay, I just now watched this, and took the same IQ test (and they’re career and personality tests) and I got them all right because I’m a nerd with no friends 🤗

  • cat gurl187
    cat gurl187 3 hari yang lalu

    Is Ethan ok??? lol love u both

  • Eliana Tapia
    Eliana Tapia 3 hari yang lalu

    I got 9 it of 10 on the riddles

  • petzluvr95
    petzluvr95 3 hari yang lalu

    *Fucking genius* and there I go choking from laughing too hard, thanks E!

  • Adriana Correia
    Adriana Correia 3 hari yang lalu

    damn, you guys are dumb, those riddles were easy. and i have so many puzzles that it kind of hurt looking at how dumb ethan was. I also want to know why the card question was so hard for them. im confused. alot of those questions were easy

  • Paige's Gacha
    Paige's Gacha 3 hari yang lalu

    Thanks for the tip, I won't 😂😂😂😂

  • Just your average Singer
    Just your average Singer 3 hari yang lalu

    15:50 wth was that noise 😂😂

  • Fflur Stuppler
    Fflur Stuppler 3 hari yang lalu

    compassionate doesn't mean passion grayson

  • samantha Zhong
    samantha Zhong 3 hari yang lalu

    I like Ethan more though

  • Nurin Fatini
    Nurin Fatini 3 hari yang lalu

    I wonder , since they're twin did their iphone can unlock with their faces. Example greyson use ethan iphone to unlock his phone? You think that's going to be work?
    I really want to know