I TRIED crazy PHONE HACKS to see if they actually work

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  • I TRIED crazy PHONE HACKS to see if they actually work w/ gloom
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to life hacks that will literally change your life.
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  • Leann Koh
    Leann Koh 5 bulan yang lalu +5358

    Mother:She's going to say her first word,hurry babe
    Dad:I'm coming
    Baby Azzy:HACKS,Five Minutes Hacks

  • Fernando Hip Cho
    Fernando Hip Cho 11 menit yang lalu

    I love your videos can I wach videos if I, m a kid.

  • Year 4
    Year 4 41 menit yang lalu


  • Nayeli Montejano
    Nayeli Montejano Jam Yang lalu

    You girls are so funny

  • Beverly Jean-Pierre
    Beverly Jean-Pierre Jam Yang lalu +1

    was the wheel hack a wheel or the respitory system???????

  • Sami Deguechi
    Sami Deguechi Jam Yang lalu

    Me:ooooo cool phone case
    My mom: huh what phone case
    Me: uhh haha yeah nothing haha
    My dad: very funny what phone case
    Me: find it's a funky from one two three go now mind your business

  • Sami Deguechi
    Sami Deguechi 2 jam yang lalu

    Me oooo cool

  • Slimmer 101
    Slimmer 101 3 jam yang lalu

    Roses are red violets are blue, just like the thumbs up

    👇🏻 like if you love Azzy I sure do!

  • Azelyah Ramos
    Azelyah Ramos 3 jam yang lalu

    I died when she said don't get a splitter sweetie 🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Chloe Hudgins
    Chloe Hudgins 4 jam yang lalu

    This video made my day😁😂😂

  • Camilla Kiralyfalvy
    Camilla Kiralyfalvy 4 jam yang lalu

    It is not good for the computer to be on a pillow. It can not cool down. Therefor the hard surface.

  • Judy Anthony
    Judy Anthony 5 jam yang lalu

    🐢 this is turtle turtle says hi.This is turtle and a 🚙 goes by

  • Chloe Price
    Chloe Price 5 jam yang lalu

    On hack 3 they use a paper plate not a proper one 😐

  • Christian Kristensen
    Christian Kristensen 5 jam yang lalu


  • Skylir Daly
    Skylir Daly 7 jam yang lalu


  • little laylatje
    little laylatje 8 jam yang lalu +1

    The woman was jogging drops her phone then does the hack and doesnt drop her phone anymore 😙

  • Slime with Victoria
    Slime with Victoria 8 jam yang lalu

    Was five minute hacks in the 1999

  • Angel Plays
    Angel Plays 10 jam yang lalu

    I actually need glasses and I’m not very smart! This is an offence!

  • Gjinovefa Ngresi
    Gjinovefa Ngresi 10 jam yang lalu

    Does it say queen azzy on it??

  • Gjinovefa Ngresi
    Gjinovefa Ngresi 10 jam yang lalu

    Wher did u get that phone case??

  • Tricia Stearns
    Tricia Stearns 11 jam yang lalu

    The lime one was supposed to glow

  • Hailie Aguilar
    Hailie Aguilar 21 jam yang lalu

    Hi 👋

  • KaDes Gaming
    KaDes Gaming 23 jam yang lalu

    It’s so hard to take off like 10 min to take off

  • KaDes Gaming
    KaDes Gaming 23 jam yang lalu

    I am gonna try the first hack

  • Jeanette Juarez
    Jeanette Juarez 23 jam yang lalu


  • Telescope. EyeSS
    Telescope. EyeSS 23 jam yang lalu

    The reason why I don't use the pillow is because if you have it on the pillow too long it can start a fire 🔥

  • M Monarez
    M Monarez Hari Yang lalu

    Azzy I want one of those phone cases but I only have a tablet

  • Maddie Muffin
    Maddie Muffin Hari Yang lalu

    I’ll admit I drew all over the house with those invisible pens. I was such a rebel... but then sometimes the sun shows the drawings so....

  • sister squad
    sister squad Hari Yang lalu

    ok omg who else love azzy

  • Fortnite Life
    Fortnite Life Hari Yang lalu

    I feel like these aren’t they real phones and they just bought another but who would by 2 iPhone x’s

  • A Sanchez
    A Sanchez Hari Yang lalu


  • Elany X
    Elany X Hari Yang lalu +14

    The people who disliked are laughing so hard they can’t see

    • Slimmer 101
      Slimmer 101 3 jam yang lalu

      What’s that got to do with anything? Not to be mean but what?

    • Ab Ab
      Ab Ab 21 jam yang lalu

      Right U.U

  • Kendieplayo
    Kendieplayo Hari Yang lalu

    Poor azzy got dime juice in her eye

  • Sugar Cream Puff
    Sugar Cream Puff Hari Yang lalu

    Azzy looks like me and Kassie looks like my friend. How cool!

  • Sofía Labonita
    Sofía Labonita Hari Yang lalu


  • Kaydae Jackson
    Kaydae Jackson Hari Yang lalu


  • Huda Hama
    Huda Hama Hari Yang lalu

    Who likes my song poopster poopster poopster poopster poopster poopster poopster poopster poopster poopster poopster

  • Mansour Amakran
    Mansour Amakran Hari Yang lalu +1

    Dont klick on weergaven

  • _Mojo_Rising_
    _Mojo_Rising_ Hari Yang lalu

    but the computer might overheat and died and get broken :\

  • Mylie Alikhani
    Mylie Alikhani Hari Yang lalu

    [-]i {>u\/s

  • Elizabeth Dye
    Elizabeth Dye Hari Yang lalu

    I would like to try the glow in the dark hack

  • Ali Mohamed
    Ali Mohamed 2 hari yang lalu

    XD sorry

  • Ali Mohamed
    Ali Mohamed 2 hari yang lalu

    Mother:she is so a brat babe hurry

  • Mary Beaverson
    Mary Beaverson 2 hari yang lalu

    Hi I loved the video

  • Hailee Mitura
    Hailee Mitura 2 hari yang lalu

    i cant get them bc i have a iphone 8😭😭😭

  • Alise Longoria
    Alise Longoria 2 hari yang lalu

    My family members call me as

  • Heaven Jarrett
    Heaven Jarrett 2 hari yang lalu +1

    Just because you wear glasses doesn’t mean you’re smart

  • Creamy
    Creamy 2 hari yang lalu

    look at the side of glooms glasses

  • Mark Field
    Mark Field 2 hari yang lalu

    this is Simon, he is a snowman. 1 like = 1 chance for Simon to not melt! uwu

  • Emma-Leigh G Kelly
    Emma-Leigh G Kelly 2 hari yang lalu

    I feel like sssniperworf are sisters because they do the same videos

  • unicorn girl
    unicorn girl 2 hari yang lalu

    Azzy can you please make slime with with Kwebbelkop cos I really want to see you guys make slime PIZ ???????

  • Jorden Heimgartner
    Jorden Heimgartner 3 hari yang lalu

    Her knife skills 😒🖐️

  • Imani Davis
    Imani Davis 3 hari yang lalu +1

    I love you

  • Jataska Pietersz
    Jataska Pietersz 3 hari yang lalu

    I saw the tis the sec time today now

  • Mujgan Hosseinzadeh
    Mujgan Hosseinzadeh 3 hari yang lalu


  • Mochi Chan OwO
    Mochi Chan OwO 3 hari yang lalu

    Azzy: its a pimple
    Me: Triggered!!!

  • Mochi Chan OwO
    Mochi Chan OwO 3 hari yang lalu

    Reply please☹️

  • Shannon Kaffine
    Shannon Kaffine 3 hari yang lalu

    (◕ᴗ◕✿)(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

  • Sophia Encina
    Sophia Encina 3 hari yang lalu

    Me: mom my phone broke
    Mom: why
    Me:i smashed it like azzy did for phone hacks😂😂😂😂

  • Rainbow Lollipop
    Rainbow Lollipop 3 hari yang lalu

    *Oooohhh looks like Kassie kept Azzy's "S.O.S" Art*