Why Some People Say Tom Cruise's Face Looks 'Inflated' and 'Frozen'

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 15 Peb 2016
  • After Tom Cruise appeared at the BAFTAs on Sunday night, social media lit up with commentary about his appearance. Some called the 53-year-old actor's face "puffy" and "frozen." "What has Tom Cruise done to his face? Scarier than the bear in Revenant," one viewer wrote. Another added: "Tom Cruise looks like he's had his face inflated." Cruise appeared at the BAFTAs - the British version of the Oscars - to announce the Best Actor Award on Sunday night.

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  • Deplorable Cat
    Deplorable Cat 8 bulan yang lalu

    Yikes! 😲

  • Rizalina Ayroso
    Rizalina Ayroso Tahun Yang lalu

    I don't care if he inflates or get fats... I can make him deflates 💋 night and day baby

  • Blue Bird
    Blue Bird Tahun Yang lalu +3

    Allergies...inflammation..can make someone puffy...eating too much salty food can puff him up....could be diet....as we age our diet can change our faces.... doubt if it's fillers...

  • patti schultze
    patti schultze Tahun Yang lalu +2

    fillers, he does look simular to his guru david miscaviage.

  • wisdom seeker
    wisdom seeker Tahun Yang lalu +5

    He's probably had some fillers.

  • suraj shrestha
    suraj shrestha Tahun Yang lalu

    He is good looking guy

  • Laxen
    Laxen Tahun Yang lalu

    i don't get it?? now he looks normal'ish again! wtf?!

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith 2 tahun yang lalu +7

    He did absolutely nothing to his fave
    He went to shoot "The Mummy" the next day & he looked amazing as always

    • ASAFYY
      ASAFYY 2 tahun yang lalu +1


  • Ghost5379
    Ghost5379 2 tahun yang lalu +2

    Its called botox idiots. So when he smiles his face looks like that

  • IARRCSim
    IARRCSim 2 tahun yang lalu +7

    Maybe the church of scientology convinced him that sticking his face in a beehive would give him super powers.

    • purplelace9
      purplelace9 2 tahun yang lalu +1

      what a great comment ! i laughed till my belly hurt!

  • Sebastian Flores
    Sebastian Flores 2 tahun yang lalu

    it's his choice

  • Jacki Mullinax
    Jacki Mullinax 2 tahun yang lalu +1

    most people grow old gracefully, Tom Cruz didnt. He lost his good looks!

  • Alan Mcinnes
    Alan Mcinnes 2 tahun yang lalu

    just his opinion of himself that is inflated

  • J G-man
    J G-man 2 tahun yang lalu

    Inside Edition Google Y lift

  • SanPeterBurger
    SanPeterBurger 2 tahun yang lalu +3

    he is getting ready to plat Less Grossman again.

  • Laurie Bell
    Laurie Bell 3 tahun yang lalu +1

    So, the point of these little videos is to tell you about something and then never explain it? Mkay.

  • Sally Sixteen
    Sally Sixteen 3 tahun yang lalu +4

    He probably did the same thing most older women do… botox and fillers

  • Riza hariati
    Riza hariati 3 tahun yang lalu +4

    Apparently Johnny depp got the same face

  • Toni-Ann Stewart
    Toni-Ann Stewart 3 tahun yang lalu

    he still looks damn good

  • maddie piasecki
    maddie piasecki 3 tahun yang lalu

    kind of looked like he put on weight round his face and he got a big sunburn to be honest, I prefer his normal face

  • hellothrful
    hellothrful 3 tahun yang lalu


  • Alain Chouinard
    Alain Chouinard 3 tahun yang lalu

    man people have really really no life
    bullshit on star
    when they are nobody
    will make you
    oscar...inspiring people with movie

    dumb comment

    pretty sure youre comment are useless
    and you are dumb as sht
    but i don t give a fk

    ps its my real name and i live in Montreal
    glad to see ya never come here

  • Surah Online
    Surah Online 3 tahun yang lalu +3

    So what??? He gained some weight. He still looks damn good to me 👍🏿😍

  • Norwegian Chill
    Norwegian Chill 3 tahun yang lalu +10

    What a stupid video. This guy is in amazing shape, and yet you Dorito-eating fucks are commenting on his puffy face? How do you know it's not for a movie role? We're not talking about Val Kilmer here, where he's going to transform into a blob over the next few years - This is Tom Cruise. He will look however he wants to look.

  • Leo Missie
    Leo Missie 3 tahun yang lalu

    What's wrong with the commentators VOICE??? is the real question here. Fucking faggot...
    And yes, Tom Cruise is a big ass demon... one of the entertainment leaders in this free masonic world.
    Just a few more years before he can't hide his monster anymore.
    My point is: This commentator (or how the fuck you call it) hasn't got the right to talk about Tom Cruise in this way.
    Do something about your own fucked up voice first before you start moaning about someone else you idiot.
    And yes, I have the same ego as Tom Cruise and I hate it.
    It's the same as Lance Armstrongs as well, only a different form.
    And the lady from the series the nanny (Fran I'm fine) is a female counterpart of them.
    So the picture is complete again.....
    Now fuck off

  • Alina Way
    Alina Way 3 tahun yang lalu

    I love Tom))
    Том Круз 😍

  • TOJO J
    TOJO J 3 tahun yang lalu

    I think all the TC haters are jealous because, Tom cruise found the fountain of youth

    • Kayla Hubbard-Beale
      Kayla Hubbard-Beale 9 bulan yang lalu


    • Kayla Hubbard-Beale
      Kayla Hubbard-Beale 9 bulan yang lalu

      i dont think so

    • Shaine Jacob
      Shaine Jacob 3 tahun yang lalu +3

      +TOJO J So you're saying Tom Cruise's face is more like the fountain of my mom's ass? That's a dumb comeback unless you were actually agreeing with me. Geez, you're pretty lame at retaliation. Go practice.

    • TOJO J
      TOJO J 3 tahun yang lalu

      +Shaine Jacobs More like your fountain of your mom's a**

    • Shaine Jacob
      Shaine Jacob 3 tahun yang lalu +2

      +TOJO J More like the fountain of botox

  • Count Germanicus
    Count Germanicus 3 tahun yang lalu

    Not to be underestimated, Tom's face could be symbolic of some great social degeneration as would be any comments about it on the social media networks.

  • Zain
    Zain 3 tahun yang lalu


  • Ivana Notyers
    Ivana Notyers 3 tahun yang lalu

    Oh fuck....another plastic surgery disaster? You fucking idiot.

  • bitandres
    bitandres 3 tahun yang lalu +1


  • thomas schmitz
    thomas schmitz 3 tahun yang lalu

    strange or interesting or whatever, but in video action and when he wasn't smiling he looked damn good and normal? only upclose in photos when smiling did he look heavier in the face?....but so what anyway...

  • JustWasted3HoursHere
    JustWasted3HoursHere 3 tahun yang lalu +2

    He actually looked, to me, like he had an allergic reaction to something like being stung by a bee. Who knows?

  • Miraculouslyadrikins
    Miraculouslyadrikins 3 tahun yang lalu

    Famous person has a face change= controversy
    Non-famous person has a face.change= one arguement and its done with.
    Famous people r ppl like us too

  • Mia7189
    Mia7189 3 tahun yang lalu +1

    He's clearly had some botox done. No one 'ages' that quickly (the before photo is from last year).
    He's 53 and his face is his fortune. Not surprised that he's desperately trying to stay young. At some point, I hope he realizes that he should age gracefully. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Blue Bird
      Blue Bird 2 tahun yang lalu

      if that's Botox they missed the eye area! faces do get puffy on occasion...bad diet too much salt...medication....weight gain...fluid retention...once we get into 50s and 60s things start to shift!

    • JustWasted3HoursHere
      JustWasted3HoursHere 3 tahun yang lalu

      +Mia7189 Botox doesn't generally make your face swell, but makes it less "wrinkled" due to atrophied muscles. Someone else said that he had to put on weight for a new movie, which is plausible.


  • Let be Blessed
    Let be Blessed 3 tahun yang lalu

    I love Tom, but his looks have changed. And according to Cuba Gooding, Jr. he does facial injections.

    • Huong Nguyen
      Huong Nguyen 3 tahun yang lalu

      +thomas schmitz Really? I don't read much about Cuba. I'm a fan of TC and the movie Jerry Maguire, so I just watched Cuba's Oscar acceptance speech and thought he was a cool guy. I only believe what actually happens instead of tabloids. I'm too naive. Thank you for opening my eyes.

    • thomas schmitz
      thomas schmitz 3 tahun yang lalu

      +Huong Nguyen actually allegedly from what i have read about cuba this is pretty par for the course for him? is it any wonder that after his oscar win nearly 20 years ago, his career peaked then, even after his win what quality roles in quality movies did he do? it's NOT because of career choices,he pretty much has to take what he can get, because he has a bad reputation in hollywood.. allegedly difficult, allegedly switching agents from one to another, and so on...as much as i have lost respect for tom cruise and his involvement in a abusive that hurts countless others money scam cult, cuba is another one

    • Huong Nguyen
      Huong Nguyen 3 tahun yang lalu +2

      I've lost all respect toward Cuba. Such a shameful move to gain attention by gossiping about someone, especially the one you call friend and helped you to get the role of your career.

    • thomas schmitz
      thomas schmitz 3 tahun yang lalu +2

      +Patriot Jefferson exactly... NO ONE not even family members could walk up to ANY of his mansions to the front door without going thru security, a gate, a intercom, something before ringing the bell unannounced. i call b.s. on cuba's story on that matter and the rest of what he said including the whole "but hey that's his business?" after you told the world what you just said! what a idiot... cuba's must have been drunk or marbles for brains or in desperate need for attention to say what he said.. some friend!..

    • Patriot Jefferson
      Patriot Jefferson 3 tahun yang lalu +1

      Cuba is full of shit!
      Watch the interview in which he said that, something wasn't right about him. Probably on drugs or an alcoholic.
      Its not normal for any black person( even the fair skinned blacks) to age quickly the way Cuba has.
      No-one would just stroll into Toms house or even get to the front door without being announced by security or his assistants.

  • sugarindust
    sugarindust 3 tahun yang lalu +2

    I dont know why some people can't see the inflation of his face. It is obvious.

    • Brandie Campbell
      Brandie Campbell 9 bulan yang lalu

      sugarindust k

    • Kayla Hubbard-Beale
      Kayla Hubbard-Beale 9 bulan yang lalu +1

      exactly it looks dreadful

    • thomas schmitz
      thomas schmitz 3 tahun yang lalu

      +sugarindust it's only "obvious" in extreme closeup of his face and when he smiles.. in other photos and in video his face looks normal and good..

  • celticarchie
    celticarchie 3 tahun yang lalu +11

    Doesn't look much different to me. In fact he look healthier than he has in the last few movies I've seen him in.

  • Charlotte D
    Charlotte D 3 tahun yang lalu +41

    People can gain weight you know... he isn't excatly young anymore

    • *9$/2$C.e?nt#3.
      *9$/2$C.e?nt#3. Tahun Yang lalu +2

      IARRCSim no u imbecile, it happens all the time with me - people tend to put on weight on the face more than their body!

    • IARRCSim
      IARRCSim 2 tahun yang lalu +4

      Gaining weight exclusively in the face is a mission impossible.

    • blindtoby
      blindtoby 2 tahun yang lalu

      Compaire Tom to Mark udall .

    FRAGG PJI-KBI 3 tahun yang lalu +1

    Just looks like hes gettin fat to me

    • Patriot Jefferson
      Patriot Jefferson 3 tahun yang lalu

      Yes. Your right it's weight gain. He's short & short people can't pull off weight gain.
      Also Inside Edition picked a really shitty picture to use.

  • AveLCF
    AveLCF 3 tahun yang lalu +20

    Umm, I really don't see any inflation

    • Underyourbedeyes
      Underyourbedeyes Tahun Yang lalu

      When is your eye transplant surgery scheduled?

    • AveLCF
      AveLCF 3 tahun yang lalu +1

      +HesAPooka probably because Cuba said Tom "had work done on his face" the media are just putting oil to the flame by taking few twitter posts of some people that said his face is puffy, they can't take it that someone is aging so good lol

  • Sage of Light & Darkness. I AM That I AM

    Cuba Jr looks like malcolm X

  • Madison Cowley
    Madison Cowley 3 tahun yang lalu