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Pac-Man Is A Very Weird Series | The Pac is Back, But He Never Left

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 1 Okt 2022
  • Pac-Man is one of the longest running franchises of all time. And you don't get that way without making some weird decisions along the way! You think you have an idea what Pac-Man's all about? Nah, I'm here to tell you things are actually very weird.
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Komentar • 1 786

  • @dib6913
    @dib6913  +945

    Re-Pac just proves that the Pac, indeed, just can't be beat.

  • @kylelord_8573

    If Pac-Mom was just called Pac-M’am I’d be fully on board

  • @MadDoggMajima

    I can't wait for Ant to take a deeper look at The Ghostly Adventures cartoon purely for that one time Pac got fet and became a meme

  • @AVGNROCKS1996

    I feel like the reason Pac Land is in Smash is because it was the direct influence for Super Mario Bros. Miyamoto has said that it’s one of the most influential games for him as a designer, and he wanted to create his own take on it for the NES with Mario.

  • @karinyupinyan5754

    I'm glad you made this video, being a real Pac-Fan is a lot more complex than you'd think. You've got maze games, platformers (both 2D and 3D), point & click adventure games, and the list goes on.

  • @kingbash6466

    Was obsessed with Pac-Man thanks to the Namco Museum and Pac-Man World 2. Arrangement is definitely one of the most underrated remakes of all time.

  • @Sb129Gaming

    “The Pac is back

  • @xgaming2427

    Pac Man has definitely had a wild career out of all the other classic game mascots.

  • @SuperMonkeyCherrim

    Everyone always forgets Pac-Man Adventures In Time for the Windows 2000 man :( It even uses the World artstyle and characters. It takes what Maze Madness does and expands upon the idea of one grand adventure using solely mazes. Incredibly underrated game and definitely worth checking out.

  • @user-fh7di8st6l

    After nearly being sidelined for his reboot, he's back with a remake and a movie.

  • @UltimateTS64

    Thank you, someone agrees Pac-Man Party isn't the worst thing ever. I actually occasionally play it with the bois, it's led to a lot of hilarious moments together

  • @tripodranger7873

    Pac-Man 2 is one of my nostalgia guilty pleasures. I had a lot of laughs tormenting poor Pac-Man as a kid. The game is impressively expressive for one of that era.

  • @drippeddrake8683

    I'm kind a glad Mappy, Frogger, Q-Bert, Kao, or even Klonoa didn't get "The Ghostly Adventures" treatment!

  • @aidswayz9764

    I don’t know why but I have been going on a Pac Man craze recently so this is perfect timing for this video. Glad that the wocka wocka man is getting more attention recently

  • @landontrahan5770

    I genuinely had a fun time with both the remake of Pac Man World 1 and the first Ghostly Adventures game.

  • @sirderecktheegg1407

    Yeah cuz a vore ghost called "kinky" was definitely the first thing I felt was missing from Pac-Man

  • @somestatik4943

    Man. I was super nostalgic for Pac-Man World 2. Never got to play the first game, but thanks to the remake, I can get to experience that adventure, which is really cool. I hope they do something similar with the second game.

  • @RealXLMaster

    Fun Fact: The MarioKart 2 arcade also had commentary voices

  • @user-bz8qp9qz9u

    I wonder who saw pac man in the arcade and thought, there needs to be a 3d adaptation

  • @user-wl3qq8uu6t

    I knew about the early "mod" that became Ms. Pac-man and it lead to Midway losing the license but never knew about the At@Games stuff. Always cool to learn something new.