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  • Thank you for the sickest day and shoutout kick game for sorting these!
    If you have an idea you would like to see, let me know here:
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Komentar • 1 728

  • Nick Foleta

    Him calling you Minister so proudly, knowing that he’s wrong is so good. 🤣

  • Jileni ouchem


  • BDZ
    BDZ  +8

    Shoutout to Minister for hooking Speed up with the boots!

  • Mariana Alves Fernandes

    The end actually made me sad, you can see that it hurt Simon knowing someone stole his gift to speed which he put alot of thought into

  • Sxrgiu
    Sxrgiu  +6

    Speed tackling KSI was a gold moment of the charity match

  • Kerem Çebi

    Speed is getting more attention every time and he deserves it so much for a 17 year old.

  • ewan briers

    There's no hating speed i swear he's so wholesome irl

  • Kick Game

    Was all worth it! 🔥

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks  +483

    he never disappoints us with his content

  • Andreas Hansen

    Big Gibber getting tackled by Ethan’s dad was outrageous

  • DTM
    DTM  +517

    Simon is too humble man

  • Sirum3n
    Sirum3n  +643

    Fuckin hell Speed being niced for the game, love to see it!

  • bowen voowy

    Simon is so humble when it comes to football, such a legend.

  • Oscar Martini

    Bro why does Speed call Simon ‘Minister’ lmao 😂

  • Lou Payne
    Lou Payne  +22

    Can’t wait to watch Simon’s reaction to the game. So happy he had a good time considering how nervous he was beforehand - good things come to good people 😊

  • Happy here

    i think Simon is so humble when it comes to football, such a legend.

  • Luca De Gabriele

    What a story! That's a really nice thing for you to do for Speed!

  • Patterrz
    Patterrz  +130

    Mad to think that Speed is only 17 and has blown up so much so quickly

  • Shakur_TSK

    simon and speed chemistry is so natural, their duo would be too goated

  • Sluglife donb

    I just love seeing Speed hanging out with the Sidemen and the other UK IDclipsrs 😂