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  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 27 Nov 2021
  • Built by a well-known Japanese designer, today we are taking a peek inside Tokyo Japan's weirdest tiny apartment. One of the most interesting and unique buildings I have had the chance to step inside here in Japan. Some units even smaller than the last apartment we visited: idclips.com/video/jZ7Bu_SDJgM/video.html
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  • Tokyo Lens
    Tokyo Lens  Tahun Yang lalu +1357

    What do you think? Would YOU live there? Or did you prefer the last place? (idclips.com/video/jZ7Bu_SDJgM/video.html)
    Or the most recent... LIVING IN A CAPSULE/COFFIN HOME idclips.com/video/bZbJit_abgk/video.html
    *OKAZAKI SAN came with me to check out OSAKA'S WEIRDEST TINY Apartment* ------- idclips.com/video/8XwGFM4ZNv0/video.html
    The people we met in this video were so amazing that I may even post an extended version of this over on Patreon with the full interviews and tours!!

    • Long-Haired Luigi
      Long-Haired Luigi 7 hari yang lalu

      This is pretty much what my home town San Francisco has been turning into, with preposterously skyrocketing prices

    • KPC
      KPC 25 hari yang lalu

      I would never live in a tight spacious apartment like this🤨, but I’d be happy to figure what Tokyo Japan’s like there though😊

    • CheerioX_
      CheerioX_ Bulan Yang lalu

      Most definitely because if I didn’t much cash or just in a budget I would not mind living in one of those apartments at all especially all that natural lighting. She has a point, the less items you own, the less work you have to do ahaha

    • kiki
      kiki 2 bulan yang lalu

      @Der Dome 1dqfàwqqp

    • Sheri Prescott
      Sheri Prescott 2 bulan yang lalu

      I love ut

  • Sad
    Sad 3 bulan yang lalu +3565

    Small apartments can be very cool and even homey to live in, but I feel like a seperate room for the bathroom is a must

    • Cricket_Gaming_HD
      Cricket_Gaming_HD Bulan Yang lalu

      Heavily Agreed

    • The Major
      The Major Bulan Yang lalu

      Only if you eat at Taco Bell...

    • Luisa Salazar
      Luisa Salazar Bulan Yang lalu

      My room in the mental hospital was twice if not 3-4 times bigger than this 😅

    • NX3
      NX3 Bulan Yang lalu

      Yep, shower and/or bath and toilet definitely need a hermetic enclosed space, because a bathroom will just stink up the place, and shower/bath will dampen up all your stuff and clothes.

      TATHAGATA MUKHERJEE Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @Daniel Fnvd they have mastered it through the years....they can deal with it with ease

  • Pretty Normal Biking
    Pretty Normal Biking 3 bulan yang lalu +5241

    This man is out here living his life in a bathtub surrounded by plants and natural light.
    Mad respect

    • Uncle Rico
      Uncle Rico Bulan Yang lalu

      The bathtub is where the magic happens.

    • Mar_Man
      Mar_Man Bulan Yang lalu

      @Excal Everyone in Japan takes baths, usually nightly. So it's definitely not as weird for him... but the placement is, of course.

    • The Pimpstrezz DNA (FaM
      The Pimpstrezz DNA (FaM Bulan Yang lalu

      that so small should be illegal ..i want a tiny home ...this miniture

    • Fp Chauvette
      Fp Chauvette 2 bulan yang lalu +14

      I agree. In comparison to the other spaces, this guy really knows how to separate the space to create a feel that defines each space into separate, living quarters. .. gotta love the plants! They really take the focus off from the size of the area.

    • Excal
      Excal 2 bulan yang lalu +35

      That was hilarious. I mean I hate baths and thought that it being in the middle of the room instead of a kitchen is a waste of space , but the man literally seems so happy and makes use of the bath all the time it's hilarious. Good for him.

  • KMCA779
    KMCA779 2 bulan yang lalu +685

    okay. Okazaki is adorable. Just so cheerful with a hint of weird... ok maybe more than a hint but it's adorable. She also nails that cat route, that's probably the highlight of that unit.
    Ueda has his priorities and sees all the benefits and seems to think the cons are only a problem if you let them be. I wish I could embrace situations like he does.

    • sticks1990
      sticks1990 Bulan Yang lalu

      @Excal dm her because you're onto something ma dude!

    • Galen Burnett
      Galen Burnett Bulan Yang lalu

      nothing weird about her. what an obnoxious half-brain you must be.

    • Excal
      Excal 2 bulan yang lalu +8

      Yea I find her oddly cute in a good way! She can just do tour videos of these micro apartments and talk about it and id watch it lol

    • Marcel Diaz
      Marcel Diaz 2 bulan yang lalu +25

      She stole the show. Cute weirdo.
      Love how excited she got over the laundry room studio, and it's "big loft"

  • kaiki8318
    kaiki8318 2 bulan yang lalu +624

    The two University Students were a great aspect to this video tour! Each having their unique desires for their living space and each being equally satisfied. Ms. Okazaki's optimism really shows in her description of the allure of each vacant unit. She's almost like a happy go lucky Engineer from an anime that loves getting into all the spaces and makes sure that every space is utilized and multifunctional.

    • Palina Navitskaya
      Palina Navitskaya Bulan Yang lalu +5

      She's an architecture student, so maybe it's not just almost like that

  • Chris T-O
    Chris T-O 17 jam yang lalu

    Very interesting, these rooms are so tiny. When I was 18, I lived in a 6 square meters room and it was enough for me. There was a fridge and a sink inside, toilet and bath was used together with other people, they got rooms on your floor. The rent was very cheap, that was important for me, I didn`t earned much money. So I didn`t got much stuff, only some clothes and books, a radio and little TV. And I was only at home in the night to sleep, the whole day I was out, working or visiting friends. That was end of the 70th. Now I`m old and mostly at home, so I need much more space to live. As older you get, as more stuff you own and as more comfort you need.

  • Amy Pimentel
    Amy Pimentel 10 bulan yang lalu +15193

    I couldn’t stop laughing when she said “So let me show you around the room” *waves hand* “there it is” that was hilarious

    • AQu
      AQu 8 hari yang lalu

      She is kinda adorable too 😅

    • fr0zeneye100
      fr0zeneye100 Bulan Yang lalu

      Lol put your fridge etc under from one extension cord and they wonder why there is a fire blaze every week.

    • Amy Pimentel
      Amy Pimentel 2 bulan yang lalu +1

      @Xerxes she said she’s studying architecture and if you rally want to learn first hand I understand why she moved here because she can come up with ideas for what would make her life easier making it a possible design for if she does an apartment like this. I think she’s smart because she will know every problem of that room and come up with ways to fix it only making her a better architect

    • 17thknight
      17thknight 2 bulan yang lalu +1

      @Amy Pimentel I don't think anyone but that one person thinks you meant anything negative, no worries. I bet Okazaki San would love you.

    • RecklessCocytus
      RecklessCocytus 2 bulan yang lalu

      @Standunitedorfall what was the original comment?

  • Aada Heilimo
    Aada Heilimo 3 hari yang lalu

    When I was young my room was small crawlspace between the inside of the house and the roof of the house (mansard roof). The roof side wall was in a angle so you could not stand there and it had little insulation and the "wall" was just taped up carton like paper stuff that moved when wind blowed outside. Winter time was also somewhat cold (normally -20 and some weeks -32 Celsius) and if it was windy outside you could feel the cold wind thru the wall. Inside the crawlspace I think the temperature was at it's lowest near 0 celsius or +5 and to be honest I loved that. The space was just enough for the standard 1 person mattress and I had little shelf in the other end of the crawl space for small TV.
    The thing is, I could have chosen to live in bigger area (tho it was open area top of the staircase that lead to the second floor) instead I chose the crawlspace because I love living in very small spaces.
    If I would be single and could chose cheaper but more roomy standard living space/house etc or more expensive very small space (even smaller than these rooms in the video) I would pay extra to live in the small space because that is what I could call a home. These rooms shown in the video are basically my dream come true when trying to find an apartment for myself. One more reason to just move in Japan.

  • Wizrad
    Wizrad 2 bulan yang lalu +281

    My one requirement for my first apartment was a separate bathroom from my cooking space. I didn't care about the size, I just did not want to poop where I eat. Mad props to people like these two students who see the charming aspect of apartments like these and thrive in the small spaces.

    • Pub M
      Pub M 2 bulan yang lalu

      Mad props to sheep who have let their country go so far in the ways of controlling the people that they now live in closets stacked on top of one another.

  • Naomi Salazar
    Naomi Salazar 3 bulan yang lalu +221

    I could understand them not wanting too much stuff. But I really can't imagine living in a place where I can't move freely (workout, etc) I would go insane!

    • Luis Fernando
      Luis Fernando 26 hari yang lalu +2

      Most people just get home to sleep and the salary is never fair.

    • Ghey Villan
      Ghey Villan Bulan Yang lalu +1

      Buff guys can't live in these 😀

    • Er1135
      Er1135 Bulan Yang lalu +1

      that's because the apartment only used for sleep, study, and shower 😂 they will spend most of the day outside.

    • tj921able
      tj921able 2 bulan yang lalu +5

      @Excal I workout at home because I have my own gym equipment. I feel better doing that, since I can listen to the type of music I like while doing it. I don't do it for vanity, but medical reasons. It really does help, but you have to give it time to work.

    • Excal
      Excal 2 bulan yang lalu +4

      Workout outside? Or a gym? Or school gym since they are students idk. It just seems like a temporary place as they are uni students and they make it work and seem happy so good for them

  • Pinoy in KSA
    Pinoy in KSA Bulan Yang lalu +30

    I love how she is genuinely amazed about the place and how positive she was. She is really an architect. Interesting!❤

  • do br
    do br 3 bulan yang lalu +96

    For a short period I imagine these cells might suit a young single person like these students if they don't plan on spending much time there. However, long term I can only imagine the possible effects on a person's mental health & wellbeing existing in such a restrictive space, they are basically cluttered corridors & one wonders how such places are considered habitable by the designers.

    • Alex James
      Alex James Bulan Yang lalu +1

      There's no freaking way that in 2022 you're gonna have a place like this and you're actually gonna call it home.... Which law or designer says that it's alright to live like this??.... Brain 🧠 ain't working correctly that's for sure!!!

    • Amy Miller
      Amy Miller Bulan Yang lalu +1

      Yes, thank you 🙏🏼 Couldn’t agree more. This actually made me sad.

    • Pub M
      Pub M 2 bulan yang lalu +8

      @JunpakuKarasu Of course that's the culture, that's the only way you can live. The rest of us aren't on board with that and are pretty content with having a normal place to have fiends over AND, get this, also have a culture of going out to places with friends. Not because we have to go out, but because we feel like doing so at that time.

    • JunpakuKarasu
      JunpakuKarasu 2 bulan yang lalu +15

      Japan has a big culture of going out to places with friends and pretty much never hanging out at anyone's house even as really good friends so it works out better over there.

    • LoveDrawing1
      LoveDrawing1 2 bulan yang lalu +23

      I think the people living in such places are mainly ones who just use them to have a place to sleep, and be out the rest of the day.

  • Anja Hudak
    Anja Hudak Bulan Yang lalu +23

    Okazaki san is sooo cute, I am so glad that she came back to the channel, you should make her a regular guest she is so fun and has interesting ideas about small spaces.

  • Colleen Bontrager
    Colleen Bontrager 2 bulan yang lalu +31

    When I first moved out on my own after undergrad, I was living in a big city on a grad student salary. I found a place just like these that had month to month rent and it was actually a huge help because it was dirt cheap (for being in a big city) and allowed me the flexibility to find one of those rare apartments that is in a safe neighborhood, cheap, and nice. I am really grateful for the time I spent living in my tiny apartment.

  • Ernie Cortina
    Ernie Cortina 2 hari yang lalu

    It's so small that when you walk in you're walking out at the same time.

  • JustLilOlMe
    JustLilOlMe 4 bulan yang lalu +2377

    So impressed with the positive attitude of the two students. They saw the possibilities of the spaces.

    • Galen Burnett
      Galen Burnett Bulan Yang lalu

      @NoQue Q just spent 10 minutes writing out a paragraph defending you from this vile narcissist, only to accidentally click off, erasing it 😭😭 this woman is cursed. you win. in summary she’s a total rotten b1sh

    • kalebind
      kalebind 2 bulan yang lalu

      100 percent apartment to remember the NAME

    • Clyde June
      Clyde June 2 bulan yang lalu

      @JustLilOlMe the one who's spoiled brat here is you, you're Miss Sunshine who doesn't know the implications behind this. A spoiled brat who's living the good life and thinks it's all about positivity and life is filled with sunshines and rainbows

    • xXGrEyZXx
      xXGrEyZXx 2 bulan yang lalu +1

      Well, they are architect students

    • NoQue Q
      NoQue Q 2 bulan yang lalu

      @Zakkary I'm not sure you read the convo carefully..are you replying to me? Your comment makes no sense. Either way we dont need a third person intervening in this, the op and I already figured this out on our own, we dont need your help lol.

  • Frost
    Frost 2 bulan yang lalu +17

    The guy living in the bath tub is me 100%; the home we're trying to buy is basically because I loved the bath tub 😂
    The lady who talked about staring down the alley waiting for cats, that's also me. I love animals more than I like people, and especially cats and tiny rodents like guinea pigs and hamsters.
    Kinda blown away by the price tag though, I think my mother and ex step dad were paying the same price for a two bedroom apartment in north Texas in 1996. Wild.

  • Amy Cole
    Amy Cole Bulan Yang lalu +4

    Okazaki's perspective was so interesting! Love that you brought her on another tiny apartment adventure after this one, and can't wait to see her in more vids. 🌸

  • Octopoda King
    Octopoda King 2 bulan yang lalu +22

    I dont know how i ended up on this side of IDclips but im endlessly fascinated by these tiny apartments

  • pearl phosphophyllite
    pearl phosphophyllite 2 bulan yang lalu +18

    I think small apartments like these can work, they just really need a much more uniform, efficient and decent organization of the utilities and such. It's a great idea for those who really need to save up and need a decent place to stay!

  • r
    r 8 bulan yang lalu +2645

    The first guy had decorated the apartment so well that i actually wouldn't mind living in that tiny space

    • E. Malach'i
      E. Malach'i 2 bulan yang lalu

      @locomotion999 lighthead or whatever his name is. Is just ur typical internet idiot/troll pay him no mind

    • B Lor
      B Lor 2 bulan yang lalu

      It’s the toilet being so close that bothers me.

    • Melissa Jones
      Melissa Jones 2 bulan yang lalu

      Well, it's probably at least better than being homeless, at least depending on how much you have to pay to live there. If it's very inexpensive, it might be worth it to live there for a few years in order to save money to buy a house, etc, etc.

    • poonam bhatia
      poonam bhatia 3 bulan yang lalu

      @lightgorm Raise kids?How would you have kids in the first place.Live porno for the passers by in the street!

    • Heh Hi
      Heh Hi 3 bulan yang lalu

      @lightgorm I can't even find a female friend so i don't mind living there

  • Ehlers Danlos & I
    Ehlers Danlos & I 29 hari yang lalu +1

    These weird/tiny/interesting apartment videos are some of my favorites because I love to imagine how I'd use the space if I were to live there (just like Okazaki San). I'd be totally ok with a tiny space as long as I still had all the functionality of a bigger place (bath, toilet, kitchen, laundry, etc.).

  • j menear
    j menear 3 bulan yang lalu +8

    When I first arrived in Paris, I had a basement level room somewhat like these. Mine was maybe a bit larger space wise (a studio ?), but I had a community shower and toilet. One window, where the trains would pass occasionally yet close enough I could see the people in the train. but home is where the space is.

  • D _ward
    D _ward 6 jam yang lalu

    That girl was so funny! “ I mostly stare blindly out the window all day”

  • Debbie Williams
    Debbie Williams Bulan Yang lalu +4

    That is small for my liking but as she said having a big place just makes you fill it up with stuff .
    I like how she has the vision to see how to utilize and make the small space work

  • Vee
    Vee Tahun Yang lalu +14953

    I loved how the empty apartments seemed cold and non-functional, but seeing Ueda-san and Okazaki-san's living spaces, they were little homes. And how Okazaki-san immediately saw how to inhabit the empty room, that was really fun.

    • Dani Tho
      Dani Tho 5 bulan yang lalu +1

      @Kris MaKardikan Survive. Like people have done before. And will do if the power goes out. There's plenty of sources of information for a catastrophic event such as permanent power outages. But I feel like that truly will never really happen. Power can come from more than "just" electricity. For example, solar power.
      And if the sun goes out, we have bigger issues than not getting songs on IDclips.

    • Estelle Schneider
      Estelle Schneider 6 bulan yang lalu +2

      No kitchen..going out to eat is expensive

    • Maria Lacona
      Maria Lacona 7 bulan yang lalu

      Ueda Kun

    • Rachael Durrant885
      Rachael Durrant885 8 bulan yang lalu +1

      Yeah I wouldn't really live there I'm not judging there homes btw

    • Emu
      Emu 10 bulan yang lalu

      They really brough life into such little space. Makes me feel like I'm wasting space in my apartment.

  • Kasiaus
    Kasiaus Bulan Yang lalu +6

    And here's Okazaki-san's first appearance! This was my first video of yours and though I did watch it well after it came out, I still rather enjoyed it. Her perspective really helps turn these apartments into something better! She saw the counter space as a place to store make-up, cook, and even study. I wouldn't have known where to start with setting up in a small space. And I love how positive she is!

  • Conny L.
    Conny L. 2 bulan yang lalu +6

    I actually love the bathroom type of bedroom. I would just reduce my stuff even more cause I don’t like it if you have to squeeze through somewhere

  • Caline
    Caline Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Lovely video! When I first moved to Paris as a student, I lived in a tiny place as well (chambre de bonne). It was an attic space basically, 6th floor, I loved the view of the mauve-grey zinc roofs of surrounding buildings and you could even step out onto the roof, I used it as my art studio (though it was not safe at all, lol, no railing, nothing). It was a great experience and tiny room living is fun when you're a student but nowadays, 30 years later, I couldn't live like that, no way in hell!

  • Bethany Swanson
    Bethany Swanson Bulan Yang lalu +1

    I love the uniqueness of each apartment and how each person living in it seemed so genuinely happy by their apartment's design. When me and my husband and I did tiny apartment living most people couldn't understand it, but Okazaki nailed it. By having less stuff it made it easier to live a simpler life and finding things easily made day to day life so nice.

  • b
    b 4 bulan yang lalu +572

    I guess that’s why that young woman is an architecture in the making. She was instantly able to visualise how to utilise the space and what life would be like in it.

    • PinkyBear
      PinkyBear 2 bulan yang lalu

      @stillwatersrundeep thank you for the grammar lesson...

    • PinkyBear
      PinkyBear 2 bulan yang lalu +3

      I just love her! Amazing personality 💖

    • Darlene Aitken
      Darlene Aitken 2 bulan yang lalu +2


  • Shadow
    Shadow 2 bulan yang lalu +3

    This is my first viewing of any of your videos and I'd say it's a really good start. It's fascinating how they turned such small spaces into a comfortable place and getting their view of the place is so wholesome.

  • kingrocklee
    kingrocklee Bulan Yang lalu +2

    Rewatching this after watching some of your newer apartment tours really shows how people have changed your perspective on tiny apartments.

  • embily
    embily Bulan Yang lalu +2

    i LOVE okazaki-san! shes so funny and creative and i think her style is cute

  • Desirée R
    Desirée R 2 bulan yang lalu +4

    I loved seeing how excited she was about the last place! I hope she can move in there if she wanted to! 😄🥰

  • WatashiMachine: Full Cycle!
    WatashiMachine: Full Cycle! Tahun Yang lalu +6659

    Both tenants had such incredible energy like "I do everything in the bath" "when I'm not in the bath I'm outside" and "I'm especially lazy" "I just sit and stare out the window for hours" like YES these are my people

    • Александар
      Александар 22 hari yang lalu

      @DannyPhantom agreed

    • Cerita Fair
      Cerita Fair 24 hari yang lalu

      @Dreams sure dorms are small but not this small and the lay out is VERY different. Most dorms I’ve been to were like small apartments.

    • Jan Geert Bruggink
      Jan Geert Bruggink 2 bulan yang lalu

      @Pyörittelisinköhän i take a bath if i feel a bit depressed. This guy lives in his bathtub go figure.

    • Pyörittelisinköhän
      Pyörittelisinköhän 2 bulan yang lalu +1

      @Jan Geert Bruggink Yeah because happiness is measured by the size of your apartment... /s Might come as a surprise for you but some people actually love tiny places. I feel safe and comfy in small bedrooms, I wouldn't have a problem living in an apartment like these. I actually loved Okazaki's apartment, looks so cozy.

    • Some Orc Lad
      Some Orc Lad 4 bulan yang lalu +3

      @Jan Geert Bruggink Speak for yourself. I like these apartments. Cheap, just enough space to decorate and keep it clean without spending too much time and effort, and it has that Japan feel to it. I'd take this place as my first house no question

  • Nana Ko Isabella
    Nana Ko Isabella Bulan Yang lalu +2

    I always come back to watch this video over and over. Okazaki has such a unique style and great eye for use of space. She makes me wanna live in a smaller space like that when I go to Japan! ☆

  • Olufisayome
    Olufisayome 2 bulan yang lalu +2

    You're right, I was taken by her sense of wonder and excitement and how positive she is!
    I've lived in small spaces before and I must say I'd love to live in one again soon. They are so easy to decorate and turn into cozy, happy spaces.
    As tiny as they are, they are all any single human needs for shelter, privacy, a place to wash in and to call home.
    Thanks for this, I loved it and I'm subscribing! 😎

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones 2 bulan yang lalu +1

    I’m so glad you two kept in contact! I love her in recent videos

  • spectrumTwelve
    spectrumTwelve 2 bulan yang lalu

    What an incredibly refreshing perspective from these two. I myself think I would really love living in a limited space like that but I find it so intimidating to consider compromising on space. Currently I feel like I could live in a space about the size of my current bedroom if I had to and it's very exciting to think about.

  • Smurphenstein
    Smurphenstein 8 bulan yang lalu +4810

    The way Okazari instantly appreciated the possibilities for the space, I know she will make a fantastic architect. I imagine living where she does helps with that.

    • BP
      BP 3 bulan yang lalu

      @Formerly Fossil so true!

    • BP
      BP 3 bulan yang lalu +4

      i know right! i thought she was sooo cute! 💕

    • Formerly Fossil
      Formerly Fossil 3 bulan yang lalu

      @CRiTiC4L she's a university student so i doubt she spends much time in there, most of her time would be spent at her school.

    • Formerly Fossil
      Formerly Fossil 3 bulan yang lalu +4

      she sees possibilities where other people see negatives, she will go far in life.

    • Kristina Zubic
      Kristina Zubic 4 bulan yang lalu +4

      @the hatred 94 and if you’re not home much and live in an extremely large, extremely busy city, you might just appreciate peace and quiet in the few hours you are home!

  • Magas
    Magas Bulan Yang lalu

    My first video of an incredible series! Truly crazy how some Japanese apartments are. I always thought to myself that I'd live smaller places to feel more cozy but this truly makes me think twice hahahah

  • Jessica Moon  (Lydia Moon)
    Jessica Moon (Lydia Moon) Bulan Yang lalu

    This is one of my favorite videos of your channel!! It's so interesting to see, what apartments and houses look like from around the world.

  • S A
    S A 2 bulan yang lalu +5

    People mention being confused how anyone could live in a small place like this and be happy… but… Each to their own!

  • The Punx Unite Podcast
    The Punx Unite Podcast Bulan Yang lalu

    I keep coming back to this video and the others you've done on tiny apartments. I love the idea of them and the creative use of space, but as I work from home, I think I'd need to find a co-working space. I find it hard enough in my one-bed annex with a hallway kitchen small enough to live and work in!

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 7 bulan yang lalu +2675

    Okazaki’s energy is infectious, it was so cute hearing how excited she was about each space. I wish the best for her.

    • Nikki G.
      Nikki G. 3 bulan yang lalu +1

      Yesss it really is! I loved her lol

    • curiousme
      curiousme 3 bulan yang lalu +1

      And how many uses she easily found for areas in each room..

    • Ben Davis
      Ben Davis 3 bulan yang lalu


    • Ben Dover
      Ben Dover 4 bulan yang lalu

      I like her energy, I know in my gut that she'll be a good breeding machine

    • La Ban Hendricks
      La Ban Hendricks 4 bulan yang lalu +1

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    Charlotte Furness Writer 2 bulan yang lalu +2

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    • Melissa Gardiner
      Melissa Gardiner 3 bulan yang lalu

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    Would I live in in this apartment (if I had the chance?) Most definitely. I could see many ways of creating that cozy and comfortable small space.

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      INDITALIAN 10 bulan yang lalu

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    • Li
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    Japanese just seems so detail oriented noticing the smallest opportunities.
    Looks like she will be moving into one of the bigger spaces 😆.
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