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1v1 vs D'Vontay Friga! (IT FINALLY HAPPENED)

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 18 Des 2020
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    IG: ajaylapray
    D'Vontay's Channel: idclips.com/channel/UCeI-...
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  • AJ Lapray
    AJ Lapray  Tahun Yang lalu +1353

    We finally made this 1v1 happen! Appreciate y’all for being patient 😂

    • Hasani Dalton-el
      Hasani Dalton-el 9 bulan yang lalu


    • Lucas Bond
      Lucas Bond Tahun Yang lalu

      Double dribble at 5:40?

    • Kurt
      Kurt Tahun Yang lalu

      Where did you play in Houston?

    • Too cold
      Too cold Tahun Yang lalu

      @Uncle Asian stfu ur a friga fanboy but news flash he can’t go left and go exposed in back to back 1v1 losses one to a guy who is 10 years older than him 🤡

    • Dafaaaqmean
      Dafaaaqmean Tahun Yang lalu

      We need aj vs devin

  • D'Vontay Friga
    D'Vontay Friga Tahun Yang lalu +2026

    Good work bro! Rematch coming tomorrow ! 🔥 BUCKETTTSSSS

    • FTB Nation
      FTB Nation Tahun Yang lalu

      😂, should I do a trash vid on friga 😭

    • Marbles
      Marbles Tahun Yang lalu

      Friga! How come so humble with AJ now? Did I miss something?

    • Hank Adams
      Hank Adams Tahun Yang lalu

      @Dylan B frfr

    • 99DS
      99DS Tahun Yang lalu

      @Dylan B on god

    • 99DS
      99DS Tahun Yang lalu

      Bro I’m so sorry

  • Henry
    Henry Tahun Yang lalu +502

    This man was rly calling AJ a trash bin for over a year and then proceeded to lose 🤣🤣

    • Marcel don’t care
      Marcel don’t care Tahun Yang lalu +3

      @carmelitoo _ people complaining about nick briz on friga now even tho he was doing the same thing 😂

    • issamewsp
      issamewsp Tahun Yang lalu

      @Zach Baquiran not really i like the devin in the lab plays 1s because people could get hot and hit 6 threes in a row

    • Zach Baquiran
      Zach Baquiran Tahun Yang lalu

      @MARZOSIRUStechnically it is, but depending on the score Aj stomped

      MARZOSIRUS Tahun Yang lalu

      @c m Its a tie then

    • c m
      c m Tahun Yang lalu +2

      @Noah Ferro so then what happened in the next game and he won...? you sound dumb asf 😬

  • RageElixir
    RageElixir Tahun Yang lalu +771

    I enjoyed this 1v1 so much lol, this is real 🔥

    • fried chicken
      fried chicken Tahun Yang lalu

      @RageElixir oh damn lol

    • Simon S
      Simon S Tahun Yang lalu

      Its sad that I enjoyed this much more than friga vs dev...this was real and i fell like friga vs dev was rigged, we got scammed...and overall i didnt get the true basketball vibe, this was epic

    • Rondo9prime
      Rondo9prime Tahun Yang lalu +1

      1v1 against 6’6 former prohooper ..

    • Alex Wu
      Alex Wu Tahun Yang lalu +1

      check my reaction! AJ THE SNIPER!

    • Rico Iglesias
      Rico Iglesias Tahun Yang lalu +2

      @RageElixir same

  • Jake
    Jake Tahun Yang lalu +5

    Thanks for the inspiration fellas. Can't wait for rec leagues to open up again in the UK. Training hard here. Ball is life.

  • Redhead Hooping
    Redhead Hooping Tahun Yang lalu +30

    Man knew Aj was good but I’m so impressed by the way he handled Friga

  • Kevin Warrick
    Kevin Warrick Tahun Yang lalu

    I love this content. Gentlemen on and off the court. Keep inspiring...

  • Danny Cooper
    Danny Cooper Tahun Yang lalu +1

    That left jab and then leaning into the shot is so deadly! Curry uses that alot as well! It's a perfect move to throw off a defender!

  • angel becerril
    angel becerril Tahun Yang lalu

    Let’s go!! Fan of both you guys!! Keep it up 💪🏽

  • Bubby Baube
    Bubby Baube Tahun Yang lalu

    We were waiting for this for a long time.
    They both has changed in the last few years. They matured. Both could be playing pro ball in the next months. Great job guys.
    I may not had say it before : quality video as usual.

  • Darren Braynard
    Darren Braynard Tahun Yang lalu

    Great game. Many of us have followed both you guys forever and this event delivered. Now, I do have one concern...
    Is the squeak of the shoe beneficial? You know how bowling shoes have little traction, right? What do you guys think?

  • Ben B
    Ben B Tahun Yang lalu +575

    Friga is good but AJ is just in a different league

    • Ryan Azadi
      Ryan Azadi Tahun Yang lalu

      @Hkrow Shorts biggest cap I’ve seen

    • gamesplaystv
      gamesplaystv Tahun Yang lalu

      Honestly friga is more athletic than AJ and more skilled but AJ is a bucket bucket not just a bucket while friga is just a bucket

    • Sean Powers
      Sean Powers Tahun Yang lalu

      Yeah that one called the NBA g league 😭🤣

    • Ben B
      Ben B Tahun Yang lalu

      @azsegrxdhtfgvijnkoml ewrhtgoij/pkL he doesn’t have to drive. If he wanted to he coulda took him in the post every play but that would just be boring.

    • azsegrxdhtfgvijnkoml ewrhtgoij/pkL
      azsegrxdhtfgvijnkoml ewrhtgoij/pkL Tahun Yang lalu

      Most of the shots he got in were when he just shot it over his head without trying to get around him, switch positions or drive to the rim. I think only 2 of them that he got in he didn't just shoot it over his head. I don't think that makes him better. He's taller and has an easier time and more confidence with just shooting it over his head.

  • wramsey193
    wramsey193 Tahun Yang lalu +1

    That was very impressive, especially A.J's defense

  • MikeyBear
    MikeyBear Tahun Yang lalu

    I have been waiting for this 1v1 for months! Really enjoyed watching it. 2 of the top 5 best basketball IDclipsrs.

  • kongcheng thao
    kongcheng thao Tahun Yang lalu

    Probs the best 1v1 on IDclips by far! Especially with two of my favorite youtubers! Can’t wait for more vids ❤️

  • Long live the Patriot REV
    Long live the Patriot REV Tahun Yang lalu

    Now this what I call a hoopist vs hoopist
    Great ones 🏀💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Szymek
    Szymek Tahun Yang lalu

    11:24 yooo this pov is doopee, hope we'll see more moments from this ankle. Dope video AJ, hope you doing well :D

  • Zoh Hako
    Zoh Hako Tahun Yang lalu +1

    NICE JOB AJ, I love how they respect each other at the end though, very nice.

  • J R23
    J R23 Tahun Yang lalu

    Dam this video gave me even more respect for AJ 💪🏼💪🏼

  • JeppeESR
    JeppeESR Tahun Yang lalu

    AJ playing real D for the first time in a 1v1 video nice to see. First step is a bit slow but man he get stops and alter shots by reading friga and just being athletic. Can't wait for the rematch and the AJ Dev 1v1 because that has to happen.

  • GOAT Asian Baller
    GOAT Asian Baller Tahun Yang lalu +1

    AJ respect for your W’s against Staples and Friga, you’re a great hooper, but I would’ve loved to see the best outta three on Frigas channel!!! I was so curious who would’ve won if y’all kept playing!!

  • Marko
    Marko Tahun Yang lalu +129

    Can’t wait for cash to react to 😂😂

    • Hkrow Shorts
      Hkrow Shorts Tahun Yang lalu

      My friend 1v1 aj lapray and won 😂

    • Dylan Lee
      Dylan Lee Tahun Yang lalu

      imagine the amount of top of the key comments he boutta make

    • gamesplaystv
      gamesplaystv Tahun Yang lalu

      @Gaming Fan you right fam when friga is playing youtubers he sucks but when he playing pros college hoopers he actually winning he beat youtubers like austin mills white iverson caleb nash R2 but im not counting flight and agent they both trash

    • Gaming Fan
      Gaming Fan Tahun Yang lalu +4

      @gamesplaystv He been taking L’s left and right lmaooo, Dev and now AJ. He callin out and trash talking ppl but cant back it up. Chris Staples beat him 16-7 but he cut the video short to make it not look as bad. No hate to Friga im just sayin 🤷‍♂️

    • gamesplaystv
      gamesplaystv Tahun Yang lalu

      @Gaming Fan but friga beat hoopist like white iverson and R2

    PG FXRMULA Tahun Yang lalu

    keep up the great AJ your so goated at basketball i hope you get in the nba soon keep up the great work!!!

  • Jack Casey
    Jack Casey Tahun Yang lalu +147

    Bruh d loses because he doesn’t d up at the top of the key it was happening in the dev game also. They’re both too good of shooters for him not to play up and deny the shot. And I know he’s there but just completely deny the shot just putting a hand up isn’t going to cut it on Aj

    • Allen
      Allen Tahun Yang lalu

      @Town Boy ™ again read my comment dumbass. Friga can make those tuff layups, we have seen it. AJ biggest strength is his height and the ability to shoot the ball so good. I rather have AJ try and make layups then having him shoot the ball. Stop being a fucking dumbass

    • Town Boy ™
      Town Boy ™ Tahun Yang lalu

      @Allen Did you get hit with a bullet pass in the head as a kid? Look at most of Friga’s games. He is not blowing by anybody. The majority of his layups are tough. Why because he uses his strength to finish. He’s too slow. Also you’re calling me stupid but then you’re agreeing with me that AJ is a little bit faster. So how does that make you look? Also, AJ’s shooting opens up his driving game. Once you can shoot you command attention bro. Also Friga lateral movement kinda suspect. Foh. 😂😂

    • Jameson Edwards II
      Jameson Edwards II Tahun Yang lalu

      @IamGrandMagus you can hate on the man all you want but he’s one of the people who really helped YT “hoopers” take off. I don’t think cash is good at all but you sounded pretty pathetic here.

    • Jameson Edwards II
      Jameson Edwards II Tahun Yang lalu

      Lol we all know Cash isn’t a hooper but he’s in the YT “hooper” conversation no matter how you look at it. Cash also somewhat knows what he’s doing it’s not like I said flight lol

    • jared bowen
      jared bowen Tahun Yang lalu

      @Nathaniel Moore That won't really work.Aj is a great shooter off the dribble

  • Gabriel Akpa
    Gabriel Akpa Tahun Yang lalu

    Loving the way YOU COOKED him in complete silence 🔥🔥

  • ptroy9
    ptroy9 Tahun Yang lalu

    Tough contested shots all game. Great 1 on 1 against D'Vontay, great job Ajay. Time to hit up someone for a 10 k 1v1 :D

  • Marcus JJ
    Marcus JJ Tahun Yang lalu

    More excited for this than I was for the dev in the lab

  • Hans
    Hans Tahun Yang lalu +1


  • Sahil Desai
    Sahil Desai Tahun Yang lalu +37

    Friga taking back to back L’s so inspirational

    • Battousai X
      Battousai X Tahun Yang lalu +12

      @Realdeal Clark Damn nigga what u getting pressed for 😭

    • Realdeal Clark
      Realdeal Clark Tahun Yang lalu

      Least he playing competition who you playing?

    • Austin Barth
      Austin Barth Tahun Yang lalu +1

      fr 😂

  • xXSonTjXx
    xXSonTjXx Tahun Yang lalu +667

    So Friga BEEN doing this trash talking till he get these guys attention lmao

    • xXSonTjXx
      xXSonTjXx Tahun Yang lalu

      @superxcrazy thank you!

    • superxcrazy
      superxcrazy Tahun Yang lalu

      Never thought I’d see u here, love ur vids

    • PT Musik ✪
      PT Musik ✪ Tahun Yang lalu

      It’s marketing

    • KingBlaze
      KingBlaze Tahun Yang lalu

      5'9 dunker

    • Rondo9prime
      Rondo9prime Tahun Yang lalu

      1v1 against 6’6 former prohooper ..

  • Andrew Adams
    Andrew Adams Tahun Yang lalu

    The energy in this 1-on-1 was so much better than the Friga vs. Devin in the lab 1-on-1

  • Isaac Moennig
    Isaac Moennig Tahun Yang lalu +220

    Aj would be hard to talk trash to bs he’s so nice

    • KingBlaze
      KingBlaze Tahun Yang lalu

      5'9 dunker

    • Constant NBA Cards
      Constant NBA Cards Tahun Yang lalu +1

      My vids tho 🔥🔥

    • Hkrow Shorts
      Hkrow Shorts Tahun Yang lalu

      My friend 1v1 aj lapray and won

  • al duty
    al duty Tahun Yang lalu +7

    I love how giddy d friga seems during this cuz hes been wanting this forever

  • Patrick Seminario
    Patrick Seminario Tahun Yang lalu

    Mad respect to AJ after all the shit talk lol he's a good sport

  • FrizzyLowkee
    FrizzyLowkee Tahun Yang lalu

    I respect friga so much as a IDclipsr. Let alone just as a hard worker. His content is there‼️

  • Maxharvey13
    Maxharvey13 Tahun Yang lalu

    Been watching Friga so much recently I forgot what a bucket AJ 🏀🏀🏀 would definitely be a good match up for Dev

  • Ariz
    Ariz Tahun Yang lalu

    Let’s go🔥‼️ good efforts on both parts buh AJ a beast

  • Ted Kim
    Ted Kim Tahun Yang lalu

    aj, ive been a fan/subscriber of you and tanner for over a year now.
    just wanna say youre a major baller and i love your videos.
    i wish you nothing but the best in all of your current and future endeavors.
    stay safe and healthy amidst all the chaos over in the states.
    much love from south korea.
    - teddy

  • DesertHobo
    DesertHobo Tahun Yang lalu

    dis why i love AJ, always cool and humble about everything

  • Levi Brock
    Levi Brock Tahun Yang lalu

    King of the court W/Aj,Friga,Dev and Bdot would be crazy 😂

  • Hearthstone Max
    Hearthstone Max Tahun Yang lalu

    Only real ones know just how long we had to wait for this 🔥💯

  • Hunter O'Connor
    Hunter O'Connor Tahun Yang lalu +1

    I like both dudes, subscribed to both, watch both their videos, but I’m still taking Friga in a pickup game

  • J 21
    J 21 Tahun Yang lalu +1

    that's too easy for AJ😂... congrats bro🏆

  • Tyson Wallace
    Tyson Wallace Tahun Yang lalu +2


    • LeapingRat
      LeapingRat Tahun Yang lalu

      i thought the same thing. but i think what happened was friga poked the ball out and aj recovered it into a dribble. its hard to see, so i may be wrong

  • Lemini Pro
    Lemini Pro Tahun Yang lalu

    Looks like AJ is one of the best defenders D'Vontay has came across so far just by how he knows how to reach for the ball, I don't think Friga anticipated that. Great video! 😂

  • Priyan On Android
    Priyan On Android Tahun Yang lalu

    It must embarrassing to call someone trash for a year and then lose to them. Aj had a double figure lead most of the game 😂

  • Ezugo
    Ezugo Tahun Yang lalu

    G'd up from the feet up LOL. i hope this man never changes

  • chuck deemo
    chuck deemo Tahun Yang lalu

    Damn at this point I’m thinking I could beat friga! Haha 😆

  • The Big Chap 101
    The Big Chap 101 Tahun Yang lalu +11

    That final shot was pure Ice in the veins

    • Hey Friend
      Hey Friend Tahun Yang lalu +8

      @Hkrow Shorts Bruh, will you just shut the fuck up?

    • Hkrow Shorts
      Hkrow Shorts Tahun Yang lalu

      My friend 1v1 aj lapray and won

  • y
    y Tahun Yang lalu

    two of the best 🔥 congrats AJ !

  • Lyrical Harmony
    Lyrical Harmony Tahun Yang lalu +44

    No matter who wins, they both are going to make pro. God bless my brothers

      JERZY GIANT Tahun Yang lalu

      STOP smoking moonrock laced with anti freeze bro.

    • Mendie Chase
      Mendie Chase Tahun Yang lalu

      False lol

    • HunsWorld
      HunsWorld Tahun Yang lalu +1


    • Hkrow Shorts
      Hkrow Shorts Tahun Yang lalu

      My friend 1v1 aj lapray and won 😂

  • charles awitan
    charles awitan Tahun Yang lalu +1

    AJ's contested shots are so clean

  • Demascus
    Demascus Tahun Yang lalu +360

    We need you vs. Devinthelab💯💯💯

    • V L
      V L Tahun Yang lalu

      @Uncle Asian Dev was D1 at Fresno State. Your point ? why are u watchin their videos ? why are u even commentin ? bro your not even a baller. youre a charmin

    • V L
      V L Tahun Yang lalu

      @Uncle Asian u makin yourself look bad post after post. they never said they were nba caliber players lmao

    • V L
      V L Tahun Yang lalu

      @Uncle Asian lamo @ you saying Dev is not college level yet he whooped Friga's ass 3-1. FYI, Dev played D1 at Fresno State. He's a tier 1 youtube hooper. Bye Charmin

    • V L
      V L Tahun Yang lalu

      @Uncle Asian oh did I hurt your feelins charmin ?

    • V L
      V L Tahun Yang lalu

      @Uncle Asian u soft as fuck then

  • Stefanos Tsaklas
    Stefanos Tsaklas Tahun Yang lalu +9

    Damn AJ smoked him without breaking a sweat
    AJ just bumped several spots on my list

  • Timothy OuYang
    Timothy OuYang Tahun Yang lalu +169

    Dfriga was d3 and AJ was d1 it just makes sense

    • KingBlaze
      KingBlaze Tahun Yang lalu

      5'9 dunker

    • reef0019
      reef0019 Tahun Yang lalu +15

      Friga's been active and in shape though and AJ been injured most of his career, this ain't even prime AJ.

    • Freddie Burks
      Freddie Burks Tahun Yang lalu +4

      That shit don’t mean nothing lol

    • Sidney Pratt
      Sidney Pratt Tahun Yang lalu +12

      Ig. Some D3 hoopers could beat D1 hooper 1v1 tho. Friga's actually beaten some before

    • Mr. Caveman
      Mr. Caveman Tahun Yang lalu +12

      I mean Dfriga beat D1 hoopers AJ is almost g-league so Yh makes sense y he lost

  • Taylor Moquino
    Taylor Moquino Tahun Yang lalu

    Holy crap I hardly ever comment but Lapray was one of the first basketball you tubers for me to follow glad this happened & Friga better be taking the 1 v 1 serious now

  • Quinn Mussmann
    Quinn Mussmann Tahun Yang lalu

    Friga seemed star struck or something lol he wasn't being nearly as assertive off the dribble as usual. He respected the guy too much that he looked like he shut his go mode off 😤 stay tough friga you can only be as great as you believe!

    LIFE OF KEASY Tahun Yang lalu +843

    Damn didn’t know Friga was talking that much head lmao 😂

    • Robert Horry
      Robert Horry Tahun Yang lalu

      @LIFE OF KEASY watch raised Allen drills

    • Manny Donaire
      Manny Donaire Tahun Yang lalu

      @GuacSause Let's not forget....Friga also got DC Heat to hate on AJ when they never even met!

    • GuacSause
      GuacSause Tahun Yang lalu +2

      @Manny Donaire thankkk you. Everyone been treating friga like a saint but this man acted petttyy af when cash made a joke about him being a hooper hooper. His ego was so fragile he had to say he wasn't a "basketball youtuber", and then got big headed and got dropped off by one of the best "basketball youtubers." lmao.

    • nelson reed
      nelson reed Tahun Yang lalu +2

      Bruh He got that kawhi persona where you think he don’t say much but behind the seems really pushing buttons

    • KingBlaze
      KingBlaze Tahun Yang lalu

      5'9 dunker

  • JKennyPro
    JKennyPro Tahun Yang lalu

    AJ can shoot fr man, he may not got the quickest shot or shoot deep ones often, but his accuracy and consistency (even from deep) is best in the space imo.

  • Fendibank Moneyyy
    Fendibank Moneyyy Tahun Yang lalu +1

    He's going though the "failure stage" right now but failure can help you get even better.

  • S3M1
    S3M1 Tahun Yang lalu +83


    • S3M1
      S3M1 Tahun Yang lalu

      @ICEcold Josiah THANK YOU!!!

    • ICEcold Josiah
      ICEcold Josiah Tahun Yang lalu +4

      @Hkrow Shorts no he didnt you probably dont have friends trying to get attention on youtube

    • Hkrow Shorts
      Hkrow Shorts Tahun Yang lalu

      My friend 1v1 aj lapray and won 😂

    • Malcolm
      Malcolm Tahun Yang lalu +3

      AJ is that Guy!!

  • ThatsSoKJ
    ThatsSoKJ Tahun Yang lalu

    Damn Friga cant catch a break😂

  • Mike Fritz
    Mike Fritz Tahun Yang lalu

    I'm only 90 secs in and I can tell AJ want all the smoke..🤣 Looks serious af

  • Town Boy ™
    Town Boy ™ Tahun Yang lalu +1

    Let’s go AJ. ✊🏾

    SOLEMATES Tahun Yang lalu +1

    Aj so humble man it’s crazy. Easy W tho. Best way to shut someone up is to beat them with ease 😅

  • 1v1HOOPS
    1v1HOOPS Tahun Yang lalu

    Great game 💪🏼🔥

  • Tian Louw
    Tian Louw Tahun Yang lalu

    Haven't watched, but judging from the thumbnail and the video title, I'm guessing it went good for AJ😂

  • sirchewtrain
    sirchewtrain Tahun Yang lalu

    Coming from a left foot jab then pulling up is definitely a good tool. Gotta work on that more.

  • Daniel Vincent
    Daniel Vincent Tahun Yang lalu

    Friga tends to give great shooters way too much space n let them get comfortable. I feel like in future 1v1 matchups he needs to step up on people that are perimeter threats.

  • XXX _Monte
    XXX _Monte Tahun Yang lalu +1

    This is why AJ is a top IDclips hooper 💯🔥

  • Nick Mersch
    Nick Mersch Tahun Yang lalu

    Gotta show love for the cameraman pass. Good stuff camera man

  • Young khalifa
    Young khalifa Tahun Yang lalu

    I always wondered why he called yuh trash 😂you're actually a good person n baller n im glad yall clear everything cause it made friga lookin funny hatin on you ahah

  • Xzavier
    Xzavier Tahun Yang lalu

    you can tell aj is very smart and articulate😂😂

    IN THE LAB Tahun Yang lalu +1882

    👃....... I smell competition

    • Bullet Dts
      Bullet Dts 2 bulan yang lalu

      @Lawrence Chan naw if it's for the 1v1 crown you got to have Chris staples over AJ

    • Bullet Dts
      Bullet Dts 2 bulan yang lalu

      @Mason Williams naw the best matchup would be Chris staples vs dev Chris has beat AJ 4 out of 7 games

    • Bullet Dts
      Bullet Dts 2 bulan yang lalu

      @Justin Smallwood yeah aj and Chris have played 7 games in total against each other (unless there's more that I missed) and AJ has won 3 times and Chris has won 4 times and I believe the biggest gap was a game to 7 where Chris 7-0ed aj

    • Peaceful mind
      Peaceful mind Tahun Yang lalu

      I got Dev

    • Egg
      Egg Tahun Yang lalu

      Shut your money grubbing ass up

  • animegoatforever
    animegoatforever Tahun Yang lalu

    At 5:36, AJ double dribbled big time. Lol

  • Entropic Void
    Entropic Void Tahun Yang lalu

    Good work, AJ. Solid 1s.

  • Malcolm
    Malcolm Tahun Yang lalu +101

    Finally!! Before watching i got AJ always cause he's my G!!

    • Pranav Venutur
      Pranav Venutur Tahun Yang lalu +1

      @Hkrow Shorts doubt it

    • SF KAJ yt
      SF KAJ yt Tahun Yang lalu

      @Malcolm he put the laughing emoji he probably was joking

    • Malcolm
      Malcolm Tahun Yang lalu

      @Hkrow Shorts cap

    • Hkrow Shorts
      Hkrow Shorts Tahun Yang lalu

      My friend 1v1 aj lapray and won 😂

    • Jonah Cannon
      Jonah Cannon Tahun Yang lalu

      U were right

  • Real OJXO
    Real OJXO Tahun Yang lalu +4

    Friga is definitely the funniest trash talker ever lol everybody knows he’s joking so it works for him

    • Real OJXO
      Real OJXO Tahun Yang lalu

      @hi chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllll

    • hi
      hi Tahun Yang lalu

      Ya its so funny how he loses all the time

  • Sean Claxton
    Sean Claxton Tahun Yang lalu

    "AJ Lights-out Lapray" Should have this in the woodworks! Good game man!

  • Alex Ataev
    Alex Ataev Tahun Yang lalu +13

    Damn they both kept goin on 10+ point runs, thats how you know they're hooper hoopers

    • Hkrow Shorts
      Hkrow Shorts Tahun Yang lalu

      My friend 1v1 aj lapray and won

    • Genovirus
      Genovirus Tahun Yang lalu

      Streak shitters

    • bodegaboys
      bodegaboys Tahun Yang lalu

      Or not playing Defense b

  • Julian Jimenez
    Julian Jimenez Tahun Yang lalu +1

    Appreciate the content 🙏

  • Rich Salty
    Rich Salty Tahun Yang lalu +1

    Dam 2 L’s back to back he needed this Dub.
    I was rooting for Friga. Back to training to get better.

  • King Glidor
    King Glidor Tahun Yang lalu +3

    5:40 double dribble!

  • Brandon
    Brandon Tahun Yang lalu

    AJ don’t miss! And he’s humble af

  • Gurjot Singh
    Gurjot Singh Tahun Yang lalu

    jesus, it went from 2-2 to 14-2 hella quick

  • Gseric47
    Gseric47 Tahun Yang lalu

    2:46 agh I knew it AJ 😂😂
    Still great to see this go down though, haha

  • Jarett Bousquet
    Jarett Bousquet Tahun Yang lalu

    I like both their channels but it’s awesome to see Friga lose after all the shit talk lol AJ played D1 what did he expect.

  • Brent de la Cruz
    Brent de la Cruz Tahun Yang lalu

    Killin it brother 🤝

  • T G
    T G Tahun Yang lalu

    Good work. Next time play ones. Friga you gotta get closer and get your hands more active on defense with good shooters. Both Dev and Lapray didn’t have to earn most of their 3s/long shots. The shoes look good.

  • Alexander Kahn
    Alexander Kahn Tahun Yang lalu

    Friga is Hella talented but its hard to imagine him being a pro when he really can't go left . Even when he does he goes up with his right.
    He HAS TO WORK ON HIS QUICKNESS and explosiveness to make up for where he lacks

  • Ryan VonderMeulen
    Ryan VonderMeulen Tahun Yang lalu

    The Curry’s looked fire so I looked at them on Amazon and they were $160😳 Little bit out of my price range but great shoes 🔥

  • Raptors19Tdot
    Raptors19Tdot Tahun Yang lalu

    Friga have lots of gd moves but I don't think he pulls moves base on how the defender reacts. I sense every possession he just programs a move that his goina pull on the opponent instead of reacting to the defends and pull moves accordingly.

  • AJ 23
    AJ 23 Tahun Yang lalu

    I just watched Zack's video of 2hype but he was just talking about the shoes while running 1s but we all know this was for real not just for the sponsor. Much love AJ ❤️❤️🏀🏀

  • Kharl Angelo Guanzon
    Kharl Angelo Guanzon Tahun Yang lalu

    I love it when you jab with your left and proceed to shoot with your right hand.

  • Antrobuskets
    Antrobuskets Tahun Yang lalu

    Add a side step/step back 3 that would be clean 💯

  • UnknownTy_
    UnknownTy_ Tahun Yang lalu

    Dem 3s was hurting me no cap 🤣

  • Connor S
    Connor S Tahun Yang lalu +300

    Under armour is sponsoring all the basketball youtubers showing off the new Curry's and Steph's brand

    • NxSBob
      NxSBob Tahun Yang lalu

      @Backpacker Johnny
      I wouldn’t consider anyone a youtuber unless they have enough subs to make a living or they’re posting often (which you don’t do) as a hobby.

    • Backpacker Johnny
      Backpacker Johnny Tahun Yang lalu

      @NxSBob imo anyone that has an account is a youtuber tho. But how many subscribers do i need?

    • Shawn
      Shawn Tahun Yang lalu +1

      Poor flight haven't seen it there yet

    • KingBlaze
      KingBlaze Tahun Yang lalu

      5'9 dunker

    • NxSBob
      NxSBob Tahun Yang lalu +1

      @Backpacker Johnny
      Yeah I don’t think 16 subs counts as a youtuber lol

  • Brin Kap
    Brin Kap Tahun Yang lalu +2

    Tbh I was more excited for this 1v1 than the devin 1v1

  • silverskeeter
    silverskeeter Tahun Yang lalu +1

    Props for playing 2s and 3s. I hate 1s and 2s. It inflates the 3 pointer so much

  • TShorty929
    TShorty929 Tahun Yang lalu

    AJ too clean w it! Smooth ass game