VAN TOUR | Custom Built For Twins To Live In

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  • Here is our Van Tour! We built a fully custom van suited for us twins to live inside of...
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  • Kimmi Slime
    Kimmi Slime 3 jam yang lalu +1

    When the Dolan twins can’t think of any more original ideas so they resort to “Pretending” to be Ban Dwellers”. 😂

  • Queen Fan
    Queen Fan 3 jam yang lalu

    i wonder when the mini Dolan twins come back ?

  • Tia Christie
    Tia Christie 4 jam yang lalu

    No one:
    The dolans: let's go on a road trip across country in December

  • Zahavien Cottonham
    Zahavien Cottonham 5 jam yang lalu

    Grayson, is on my bucket list.

  • LouiV Cj
    LouiV Cj 5 jam yang lalu

    when I have can afford a van and gas I will most definitely do this😊
    new IDclipsr here btw show some love😁

  • Mike Destructive
    Mike Destructive 8 jam yang lalu

    come to New Orleans!

  • Laura.brown
    Laura.brown 9 jam yang lalu

    cant fucking wait for the next video

  • M P
    M P 9 jam yang lalu

    It's nice but i just wish that y'all painted the cabinets white.

  • lindsey ray
    lindsey ray 9 jam yang lalu

    “we shouldn’t say body were guys in a van” 😂😂

  • YouTube Queen
    YouTube Queen 10 jam yang lalu


  • Kimora Wallace
    Kimora Wallace 10 jam yang lalu

    Camera man do b lookin kinda fresh doe👀

  • Sophia Russell
    Sophia Russell 11 jam yang lalu

    So excited hehe

  • Julian Prado
    Julian Prado 11 jam yang lalu +2

    I love the Dolan twins. They are always a IDclipsr I can always watch. I also have a IDclips channel and I would love it if you can sub and like my vids and if u do I will do it back.

    • Itz Julian
      Itz Julian 11 jam yang lalu

      I love Julian Prado’s vids. Their the best. I know it looks like I’m the same person but I’m not. I’m one of his subscribers and I always watch him. Plz sub to him because I’m in some of them.

    BTS E SHIPPERS 11 jam yang lalu

    Lindo demais vcs tô na conta da mamis kkkk sou Janini bjs💖

  • Melissa Tanatswa Mudzviti
    Melissa Tanatswa Mudzviti 11 jam yang lalu

    And do you cook sometimes with it?

  • Melissa Tanatswa Mudzviti
    Melissa Tanatswa Mudzviti 11 jam yang lalu

    How do you shower? I saw a tiny house with a like slick long water tank thing with a shower cord and shower head connected to the top of the vehicle which could work for u guys

  • Ann
    Ann 12 jam yang lalu

    “Home-y” not homely. Homely means not attractive. Young folks sound dumb using it that way. You already seem dumb anyway.

  • literal trash
    literal trash 13 jam yang lalu

    isn’t grayson claustrophobic? if he has some type of panic attack- i’ll cry 🥺

  • Cynthia Correa
    Cynthia Correa 13 jam yang lalu

    I like van

  • Maria
    Maria 13 jam yang lalu

    Are you selling your old house?

  • Elyza Brown
    Elyza Brown 13 jam yang lalu

    I think we all picked up the fact that Grayson reads A LOT of books because of how he talks XD

  • Laine Williamson
    Laine Williamson 14 jam yang lalu

    Ethan: no flys in the fan that’s why we got insulation
    Me: 🤣🤣

  • Kaylin Renee
    Kaylin Renee 14 jam yang lalu +1

    Do they know what a camper is

  • Avery Meyer
    Avery Meyer 14 jam yang lalu

    i wish they would i the only one?!

  • aliyah delafuente
    aliyah delafuente 15 jam yang lalu

    Wait but like they don't have a toliet or like anything😂💀

  • Janet Romeo
    Janet Romeo 15 jam yang lalu

    they build it so good it looks beautiful i love it

  • Ellie. Sunshine
    Ellie. Sunshine 15 jam yang lalu +1

    No hate but I feel like it wasn’t a very dramatic change they could have done way better I think and personally I’ve seen much better tiny houses on wheels, but considering their not professionals I understand and they did a pretty good job for their level

  • samantha cristal
    samantha cristal 15 jam yang lalu

    They really placed the gasoline next to the apples💀

  • Johaunna Castillo
    Johaunna Castillo 16 jam yang lalu

    Where’s the shower and toilet

  • Aliyah Lewis-Kelly
    Aliyah Lewis-Kelly 16 jam yang lalu

    ethan: no flies in the van - that's why we got insulation
    grayson: ... *gives ethan weird look*

  • Anjelah Villagrana
    Anjelah Villagrana 17 jam yang lalu

    Aren’t one of you claustrophobic

  • dueeh nyyu
    dueeh nyyu 17 jam yang lalu

    The moment they realize they should have bought a tour bus.

  • Greyson King
    Greyson King 17 jam yang lalu

    not to hate but grayson is such a dick to ethan rn

  • Keira K
    Keira K 17 jam yang lalu +1

    Where is the bathroom

  • alexis lee
    alexis lee 17 jam yang lalu


  • Reporting live from my sofa
    Reporting live from my sofa 17 jam yang lalu

    I wish I had the skill to build a tiny home. I'm a full-time Rv'er, but we purchased a travel trailer instead of trying to build a tiny home. It would have been a complete dumpster fire if we built it. lol No building skills here.

    • dueeh nyyu
      dueeh nyyu 17 jam yang lalu

      Can I join you guys I'll bring my own blanket and sleep on the roof

  • هاينز توينز Heinz Twins vs

    I hope you will answer me on my channel. I am from Egypt. I work with eating and eating challenges. I wish to subscribe to the channel. I am Ahmed from Egypt.

  • Harley Duncan
    Harley Duncan 17 jam yang lalu

    ok but is anyone gonna tell them it is NOT a good idea to store gas and food in the same compartment 🤣

  • Zara Lancaster
    Zara Lancaster 18 jam yang lalu

    No one:
    Not one person:
    Nobody on Earth:
    Ethan: Niceeeeeee

  • Marcus Hudson
    Marcus Hudson 18 jam yang lalu



    YUNG JESUS (Official)

  • Jade Bradley
    Jade Bradley 19 jam yang lalu

    all i got to say is - 😮

  • Sparklez 88
    Sparklez 88 20 jam yang lalu


  • Alana McFadden
    Alana McFadden 20 jam yang lalu

    Where is their toilet and the stuff to wash clothes

  • Bacon With a side of Sagittarius

    1955: I hope for flying cars
    2019: *people living in vans*

  • salima Marocco
    salima Marocco 21 jam yang lalu +1

    who immediately thought of Jenelle. MEE!

  • Emily Pugh
    Emily Pugh 21 jam yang lalu

    Where are they gonna showerrrr

  • aj neu
    aj neu 21 jam yang lalu

    The edit when Grayson says "big beefy wheels" legit killed me 😭😂

  • Meyah Garrett
    Meyah Garrett 22 jam yang lalu

    This looks so dope!!🔥🔥🔥 can't wait for the next video😂

  • Tammy Hansen
    Tammy Hansen 22 jam yang lalu

    You 2 plan on living in this... Together? O... K... Get through your intro first then we'll see... Lol

  • Nicole Kennetz
    Nicole Kennetz 22 jam yang lalu

    Can I join you guys I'll bring my own blanket and sleep on the roof

  • ariana pantiere
    ariana pantiere 22 jam yang lalu

    yall should come though Kentucky

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana 22 jam yang lalu

    Whoa, imagine having enough money to be able to live this sort of life 😍
    I hope one day my life will be like this im 15 but running my own little business which doesn't make me much money, because i have a dream of going to equine college next year. Im not good enough to go yet, since i cant pay for the lessons i need and i can only go once a week, and i have until February to be at the right standard 😭😭
    It would have been easy for most people, but having been in poverty to the age of 9, suffering 5 years of traumatic domestic abuse and being homeless twice, as well as being physically bullied to the point of suicidal thoughts, and my dad leaving me age 5, its not been easy. This dream is very recent which makes it even harder since the time i have is limited 😭 im in a better place now mentally but, god i need a miracle to get this placement 💙

  • Edgar Acosta
    Edgar Acosta 22 jam yang lalu

    Fuck the police

  • Nija Ni
    Nija Ni 23 jam yang lalu

    aw they look so older now with facial hair

  • Willma Bäckström
    Willma Bäckström 23 jam yang lalu

    So cool omg, well done

  • The Dalgs Do
    The Dalgs Do 23 jam yang lalu +1

    Pretty cool tho

  • The Dalgs Do
    The Dalgs Do 23 jam yang lalu +1

    Right what about bowls and plates and cutlery and how do u wash ??

  • Mandi Snell
    Mandi Snell 23 jam yang lalu +1

    They should also do a mail time segment after they get back (or on the road)!!! Love you Ethan and Grayson!!

  • Nicole Chumley
    Nicole Chumley Hari Yang lalu

    its gonna be terrible to do things when your in da mood or bring a girl there...

  • Andrew
    Andrew Hari Yang lalu

    Watch out for Bigfoot and listen to Sasquatch podcasts