The Miz frantically calls Maryse after Bray Wyatt’s threats: SmackDown, Dec. 6, 2019

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 7 Des 2019
  • With terror in his eyes, The Miz calls Maryse after the Universal Champion’s cryptic threats against their family.
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  • OlahragaOlahraga

Komentar • 431

  • Emme Dionicio
    Emme Dionicio Bulan Yang lalu

    They are really good at acting lol 🤣

  • Kev Madison
    Kev Madison Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Johny Morrison vs Miz for IC CHAMPION

  • Wesley C
    Wesley C Bulan Yang lalu

    That Maryse's little son is getting scared by Bray Wyatt, she might find to place to hide.

    BIGPENIS BIGCAPS Bulan Yang lalu


  • Nick Jethwani
    Nick Jethwani Bulan Yang lalu

    Miz vs Bray Wyatt
    Daniel Bryan vs Fiend

  • Ziad Khaled
    Ziad Khaled Bulan Yang lalu

    OMG this is what Jericho was talking about "lock the doors" seriously?!!!

  • Emirl Sanchos
    Emirl Sanchos Bulan Yang lalu

    So all this is going on while Daniel Bryan has been missing since his loss to The Fiend and subsequently dropping out of their TLC rematch. Something tells me Daniel will figure into this feud, except as a fully-fledged member of The Firefly Funhouse instead of a babyface. That would be more interesting.

  • McCreamyNips
    McCreamyNips Bulan Yang lalu

    The Miz: Maryse come pick me up I'm scared

  • Cellysal Carpio
    Cellysal Carpio Bulan Yang lalu

    This whole Bray Wyatt the fiend thing is so stupid....

  • TurdleyCorn
    TurdleyCorn Bulan Yang lalu

    0:32 Cracking my bags

  • please noone - Procrastinator HUB

    new calling meme

  • Demoney_TV
    Demoney_TV Bulan Yang lalu

    Most definitely watching can’t wait for Miz and Mrs cause they will add this storyline to their show

  • titanium badboy
    titanium badboy Bulan Yang lalu +1

    I think all wrestlers family members should not be involved in WWE script acting. It should be focused on only the wresters nothing more it's there careers not there family career😎😎😎👍👍👍👅👅👅

  • andrew ruiz
    andrew ruiz Bulan Yang lalu

    Finally the mix is back in wwe title contention

  • K aweso
    K aweso Bulan Yang lalu

    Miz is awesome

  • Dina Wrathall
    Dina Wrathall Bulan Yang lalu

    miz I told you not to say anything but you did your gonna pay for that when bray gets ya or the feind

  • nathueil1
    nathueil1 Bulan Yang lalu

    As if Maryse is sitting with her hand on her forehead clutching her pearls🤦‍♂️🤣 worried that Mizs co-worker is gonna be showing up to terrorize the fams, for fooks sake as Sheamus would say lol.

  • Tyson Gilbert
    Tyson Gilbert Bulan Yang lalu

    You sent a physical copy of her Signalling to a on TV husband out ?

  • Jared Zeno
    Jared Zeno Bulan Yang lalu

    You know, despite those horrendous Marine films, the Miz is an awesome actor

  • John Downey
    John Downey Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Why tell the whole world. And be camera taped. Like stop being stupid. Scripted or not plz stop this bs.

  • Ryan Howell
    Ryan Howell Bulan Yang lalu

    Family comes first

  • Atreyo O'neal
    Atreyo O'neal Bulan Yang lalu

    The fiend

  • Striker0900s GOOD and THE UGLY

    I wouldn’t mind seeing miz as a heel and the champ! But not in this segment, your gonna loose horribly my dude, dudes in it for the money.

  • Alan Bravo
    Alan Bravo Bulan Yang lalu

    Give Miz a title run damnit smh he has good potential

  • Zack Harlow
    Zack Harlow Bulan Yang lalu

    Missed a chance to hide The Fiend in the corner behind Miz and when he walks off The Fiend is just standing there watching him.....kinda like Undertaker would do

  • DKF553
    DKF553 Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Anyone else feel like Bray is going to attack Miz at his house and Daniel is going to make the save?

  • Kaushik Reddy
    Kaushik Reddy Bulan Yang lalu

    'What is he going to do? Break into ur house? Steal ur kids?'😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • AlBert Cardenas
    AlBert Cardenas Bulan Yang lalu

    the miz is a better acter than the rock in my opinion.. he could be a huge movie star if he dedicated himself to the whole craft of acting.. but wwe pays him alot of money

  • Claire Speight
    Claire Speight Bulan Yang lalu

    What happens to the tough enough competitors who are good and won

  • Lonzie
    Lonzie Bulan Yang lalu

    Abby the witch was in the background

  • Brian Nyelang
    Brian Nyelang Bulan Yang lalu

    Last time someone messed with miz's family, the guy is dead

  • Alpha_ AM-KILLZ
    Alpha_ AM-KILLZ Bulan Yang lalu

    I like how they actually made miz a compelling character, not just a hatable punching bag for the faces

  • Wan K
    Wan K Bulan Yang lalu

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 lawak toi. Pndai blakon. Nice²

  • Michael Hoffman
    Michael Hoffman Bulan Yang lalu

    Didn't know how much I wanted this

  • The Great Phil Swift, Our Prometheus

    It's been a long time since I've truly felt sorry for the Miz.

    • Afi James
      Afi James 19 hari yang lalu

      I hear you, miz should have called the police.

  • Steeler Juju19
    Steeler Juju19 Bulan Yang lalu

    The Fiend is coming TLC Just watch

  • John Austin
    John Austin Bulan Yang lalu

    Cue the return of John Morrison or Sheamus! Sounds like Miz knows he can't handle "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt by himself. Be interesting to see if he actually does go to somebody for help. SmackDown is actually getting better and better week by week.
    The personalities of the wrestlers are getting way better. Thank you, Vince, for getting rid of Bischoff again and putting Bruce Prichard in charge. There is a definite difference in the content. So, thanks again.

  • WrathofBabushka
    WrathofBabushka Bulan Yang lalu

    Plot twist, the miz has been dean winchester undercover this whole time... He's been trying to find the fiend and put a stop to it once and for all.

  • Geraldo Rosario
    Geraldo Rosario Bulan Yang lalu

    The undertakers Times are back 😱😱😱😱

  • Jay
    Jay Bulan Yang lalu

    Ok this thumbnail reminds me of the meme of that black guy on the phone😂

  • Fo Vlogs
    Fo Vlogs Bulan Yang lalu

    Please tell me someone else see's abby the witch hidden in the blue thing to the right

  • Divine Chareka
    Divine Chareka Bulan Yang lalu +1

    It was gon be awesome if it goes like
    Miz vs Bray Wyatt
    Then Daniel Bryan vs The Fiend
    same night at TLC 2019

  • Ummad Qureshi
    Ummad Qureshi Bulan Yang lalu

    What miz should really check is that if his daughter has a rabblin rabbit doll :0

  • Adrian Hernandez.J
    Adrian Hernandez.J Bulan Yang lalu

    Finally a good storyline in the main roster

  • NJP Made
    NJP Made Bulan Yang lalu +2

    In this day and age of “no kayfabe” if you were the Miz wouldn’t you just go to Vince and make an official complaint about Bray and take it up with HR? 😉

  • Tanishk Rao
    Tanishk Rao Bulan Yang lalu

    *'We don't know what he's capable of '*

    Now that's intense

  • Pooh Bear
    Pooh Bear Bulan Yang lalu

    This could be done perfectly.. kinda like when taker invaded Paul’s house .. have the fiend flicker lights or something like that

  • Blackfeather 2000
    Blackfeather 2000 Bulan Yang lalu

    Oh I love this already. The mix getting some shine!

  • mist Jarrard yt
    mist Jarrard yt Bulan Yang lalu

    He better wach his back

  • apocalypse thing
    apocalypse thing Bulan Yang lalu

    just load & hell yah spray da shotgun or uzi on dat fiend thing

  • Joeneil Exantus
    Joeneil Exantus Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Family first. ALWAYS🙏❤

  • Kashif Reza
    Kashif Reza Bulan Yang lalu

    Feels like a serial killer invading your home
    Gotta give WWE writers when they try to tell a good story its good

  • CPA
    CPA Bulan Yang lalu

    Best thing on SD right now.

  • Alex Dejesus
    Alex Dejesus Bulan Yang lalu

    And so next Friday on firefly fun house show episode Bray Wyatt will have special guest host for miz
    As Maryse will be tied up on chair and mouth shut with duct tape
    Bray Wyatt: Come play with me Miz

  • Jack Ryan
    Jack Ryan Bulan Yang lalu

    To be honest, I'm liking this Miz vs. The Fiend feud, it has actual horror movie levels of story telling here, and both are really good at telling a story, especially The Miz.

  • Jaden McKinney
    Jaden McKinney Bulan Yang lalu +1

    🎶When something's strange, in your family-hood, who you gonna call? YOUR WIFE!!!🎶

  • Sameer Kalita
    Sameer Kalita Bulan Yang lalu +5

    I think we are witnessing a history making storyline..

  • Jason Shampansky
    Jason Shampansky Bulan Yang lalu

    Now I know why I stopped watching the WWE this is just terrible smh 🤦‍♂️ and Vince McMahon is allowing triple HHH to destroy what he built damn!

  • Elite Snowman king
    Elite Snowman king Bulan Yang lalu

    Almost every wrestler that has a family member threatened stands in that exact same spot backstage i mean is there any other place in the building where there's phone reception its always that same backstage position in front of the exit sign with a camera and also I'd be beyond frantic were that me but miz just seems like he's "yeah cool babe don't worry" worst acting xD

  • BMC
    BMC Bulan Yang lalu

    Who else misses the miz being heel??